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It’s Halloween, and the children at a Church of Scotland home in Edinburgh enjoy dooking for apples and playing treacle scones. (clip - full length available onsite)

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  • East Lothian
  • Edinburgh
  • Lanarkshire


  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions


  • Documentary
  • Religion


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 6115

Date: 1961*

Sponsor: The Church of Scotland Committee on Social Service

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.39 mins

Description: Made by the Church of Scotland's Committee on Social Service, this film illustrates the Church's various child care and orphanage centres throughout Scotland.

Credits: p. Lewis L.L. Cameron and Ronald Hunston

Shotlist: Church Logo, title, credits. (0.22) "All the vagabondage in the world begins in neglected childhood" Victor Hugo. (0.33) Sign 'Musselburgh Maternity Hospital' (0.37) ext. shot (0.42) woman in grey van outside hospital. She collects orphan baby to take him to the Lord and Lady Polworth Home for children under five. (1.13) c/u baby (1.22) ext. building, small children playing on slide and swing (1.39) toddlers visiting Edinburgh zoo (1.51) sign 'Royal Zoological Society of Scotland Entrance. Admission Adults 2/6 Children 1/3'. Gvs toddlers in zoo, watching seal, polar bears, penguins, giraffe (3.13) c/u small children with green ice lollies, one black toddler (3.18) gvs zebra, brown bear, lion, leopard, bull, pony (4.18) petting small goat (4.23) older boys and girls from Hawthorn Grade, Uddingston entering zoo (4.28) stork, exotic birds, hippo, bear (5.22) Hawthorn Grade children having picnic lunch before visiting children's farm (5.50) penguin (5.56) ext Woodlands, Galashiels which was gifted to the Church by the late Mrs Sanderson, now an orphanage (6.03) school age children petting dog on lawn, playing outside (6.26) children and staff departing on holiday, carrying luggage (6.47) on platform, boarding train (7.06) train departs (7.15) steam train passes camera (7.29) Forth Rail bridge (7.36) pan harbour area Kinghorn, zoom in to house at front (8.03) children, including small Nigerian boy, playing on sandy beach (8.27) girl having a donkey ride, children playing in rock pool, then sea (9.01) c/u decorated turnip with marbles for eyes, hallowe'en. (9.13) decorated cake, boy trying to bite apple on string (9.32) two boys dooking for apples, hair wet (9.43) treacle scone hanging from string, boys and girls trying to bite, laughing. Faces covered in treacle (10.35) poster on wall for Edinburgh Military Tattoo, 1960 (10.43) children leaving home for Tattoo , boarding bus (10.54) pan seated crowd in stand (11.09) Castle in b/ground as military band exits. Gvs pipe band playing 'Scotland the Brave', occasional view children in audience (12.00) Royal Greek Guard. Recreation of 1898 presentation of new colours to the Queen's own Cameron Highlanders by Queen Victoria (12.57) Gurkhas brass band and drum section (13.15) 'Last post' on castle ramparts (13.22) ext. Florentine House in Glasgow, boy playing with dog (13.31) int. man dressed as Santa, presents gifts to children in front of Christmas tree (14.02) ext. Westlands in Glasgow (14.13) int., boy on rocking horse, two children at table playing with Meccano (14.35) two children drawing on small blackboard (14.50) couple practise dancing in costume for Christmas party (15.37) ext. Tanker Hall, Kilmarnock, Moderator of General Assembly arrives (15.50) int., taking high tea with staff and children (16.06) Moderator signs autograph book for Maureen, a black resident of home (16.17) Moderator waves goodbye to all at door (16.26) The Citizens of Tomorrow (16.32) ext. girls hostel at Four Crown Terrace, Glasgow (16.39) gvs int. house-warming party, with boyfriends (17.02) thank you presentation with flowers (17.07) int. Sixteen Constitution Terrace, Dundee, girls baking (17.28) girl at sewing machine (17.36) ext. hostel in Dee Street, Aberdeen (17.42) int., girl making-up ad mannequin, modelling in front of other girls (18.14) salmon fishers at Dee Ford, Aberdeen, zoom in on hostel across playing fields (18.32) c/u serving bacon and egg to 'hungry lads' (18.41) youth sanding wooden seat at Oakshaw House, Paisley (18.57) youth doing homework, youth painting (19.25) "If there be some weaker one, give me strength to help him on; if a blinder soul there be, let me guide him nearer thee". J.G.Whittier. (19.40) Gvs nativity play at Tynepark Approved School for girls, Haddington. Curtains drawn (20.57) ext. Landsdowne House Mother and Baby home, Glasgow (21.07) baby crying, mother feeding baby with bottle (21.20) ext., mother tucking baby in pram (21.28) The End (21.39)