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  • Lanarkshire


  • Birds
  • Food and drink
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Tourism and travel
  • Water and waterways


  • Documentary
  • Promotional
  • Sponsored


  • Films of Scotland Committee


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 2204

Date: 1963

Director: d. Gordon Stewart

Sponsor: Films of Scotland and Lanarkshire Industrial Development Council

Production company: Anglo Scottish Pictures

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.00 mins

Description: The changing pattern of life in Lanarkshire.

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Credits: ph. Eddie Earp, Ben Knoll
ed. Rob Brown
sd. ed. Michael Gilding
comm. w. Magnus Magnusson
comm. s. Roy Kinnear
m. Nicolas Head
sd. mix L.R. Peake
recorded at Halliford Studios

Shotlist: Ex miner watches pit head structure being demolished. c/up pigeons flying from dovecot (.21) [Opening credits ] (.40) Map of Lanarkshire (.46) Cattle auction (1.15) Cattle, workers gathering hay (1.40) Signposts to "Tombstone of John Taylor Age 37", "William Symington's Birthplace and Memorial", "Allan Ramsay's Institute and Reading Room" (poet). Pan to village of Leadhills(1.52) Three people in village street examine gold pieces in glass tube. C/up gold (2.00) Pan large stone bridge spanning river. Views of the Clyde and a waterfall (2.35) Men picking fruit (2.45) Hillside view of river and walkway panning to street in New Lanark (2.56) Another New Lanark street and exterior of Co-op (3.06) C/up plaque to commemorate Robert Owen (3.12) High pan of Rutherglen? (3.24) Street scenes in Rutherglen, Airdrie, Coatbridge and Motherwell (3.58) Exteriors of hotel entrances and self service cafeteria and lounge bar (4.08) Interiors of bar and self service cafeteria with people eating and drinking (4.45) Dual carriageway straddled by decorative gantry holding sign (4.50) Gvs Hamilton County Council offices under construction and shots of houses (5.11) Shot of old church steeple panning down to old alleyway (5.20) Contemporary church in East Kilbride (5.24) Panning shot across road and houses in new scheme in East Kilbride (5.31) East Kilbride car park and shopping centre (5.37) Exterior National Engineering Laboratories in East Kilbride (5.41) Interior of same. C/up manufacture of industrial diamond. Air bed lathe in operation. Jet engine test (7.04) Landscape with stream in foreground. Gvs Deer Water scheme (7.43) Long and medium shots of Ravenscraig steel works. C/ups trains in marshalling yards (8.26) Locomotive approaches rapidly from distance (8.32) Gvs vehicle railways (8.56) Map of Lanarkshire showing road and rail routes (9.20) Interior light bulb factory. C/ups various processes (9.55) Interior drugs factory and various processes (10.14) Interiors engineering factories producing a range of products from diesel engines to micro switches. Shots of various processes (10.36) Interior clothing factory. C/ups of goods in production (11.00) Interior clock factory and c/ups various stages of manufacture [v/o poetry] (12.04) Exteriors large private houses (12.06) Householder collects milk from doorstep (12.14) Interior of kitchen in house with family at breakfast (12.33) Terraced row of houses with coal bing in background {Bothwellhaugh?]. Man walking dog through abandoned mine buildings (13.32) Exterior shots of coal on conveyor belt in working colliery (13.37) C/up pit lift control machinery and coal trolleys (14.08) Heated charcoal leaving furnace (14.37) Molten steel (14.50) Interior factory making earth-moving equipment [Euclid and Caterpillar?] (15.38) Exterior of earth-moving equipment in operation (16.08) C/up bricklaying. Architects studying plans (16.18) Gvs factory buldings (16.36) Gvs tower blocks, semi-detached and low rise flats (16.58) Architect at work on model buildings (17.07) Gvs models of new housing schemes (17.22) Gvs children playing among new housing schemes (17.37) Panning shot of East Kilbride shopping centre (17.50) Shot of tower block and low rise flats (17.57) Secondary school pupils in playground (18.06) Interior shots of toddlers playing in nursery (18.28) Family walking in countryside (18.38) Wooded hilly landscape (18.53) End credits (19.00).