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Reference number: 0373

Date: 1936

Director: [d. Malcolm M Irvine]

Production company: Scottish Film Productions (1928) Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.02 mins

Description: First in a series of monthly film reviews of Scotland. Film reconstructs a bank robbery, looks at the Borzoi dog, shoe manufacture at Saxone in Kilmarnock, latest hairdressing styles and the "first sighting" of the Loch Ness Monster!

See Add. Info. file 11/1/327 for research notes on nessie item and photocopy of interview with Malcolm M. Irvine in the Scottish newspaper The Sunday Post, November 1, 1936 entitled First Real Picture of "nessie". This newspaper article dates the first issue of this cine mag as November 1936. The film features Malcolm M. Irvine and his camera assistant Martin Wilson "filming" the Loch Ness Monster.

Credits: [p. Stanley Russell]
[Albion Truphonic Sound System].
[cameraman Malcolm M. Irvine
assistant cameraman Martin Wilson]

Shotlist: Credits (.16) Calling all cars - an example of police efficiency. Reconstruction of bank robbery in Glasgow. The raiders escape [in an M.G.]. The manager, James Hastie, calls the police and a flying squad car [an Alvis] takes a fingerprint expert to the bank. Radio alert to patrol cars (1.30) Checks are make for fingerprints and photographs of same are taken to compare with police files (1.56) Shots of car chase and capture of bank robbers (2.40) The beauty of the beast - breeding beautiful Borzois. Montage of dogs with Kathleen Kennedy, Borzoi breeder [her dogs were winners at Crufts]. Borzoi puppies, dogs in kennels at East Barnay farm, near Bridge of Weir (4.18) Sole mates - a big industrial feet. Saxone shoe factory in Kilmarnock and shots of shoes being manufactured (6.14) A head of hair - the creation of a glamorous night coiffure. Hairdresser at work on model. The hair is thinned, curled and finally the pins are removed. Xavier Giralt shapes the curls for the end result (8.42) The Loch Ness Monster - proof at last. Map of Loch Ness illustrating the positions of the most frequent "monster" sightings. Shots of models and skeletons of dinosaurs (9.45) Shots of cameramen filming on the shores of Loch Ness [Malcolm Irvine wears the beret, the other is Martin Wilson] (9.57) Film of the "monster" in the loch and shots of cameramen filming it. Duncan McMillan, a local resident, is interviewed by the eminent zoologist Eric Foxon, concerning his sighting of "nessie". Mr Foxon declines to give his opinion on the identity of the monster, declaring that "it must remain a mystery for at least a little longer" (11.55) ecs (12.02)