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Reference number: T2397

Date: 1980, June 2

Director: d. Cliff Martin

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.59 mins

Description: Speakers at the SNP (Scottish National Party) Annual Conference at Rothesay Pavilion in 1980. Interviews with Winnie Ewing and Jim Sillars.

See also ref. T0920

Please note the film elements preserved by the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive are not complete version as transmitted ie some out of sync sections.

Shotlist: gvs of Rothesay seafront, Pavilion Theatre with banner 'SNP Annual Conference" - opening speech by SNP leader Gordon Wilson (1.02) speakers seeking approval to advocate civil disobedience over proposed dumping of nuclear waste in Scotland (2.38) SNP President William Wolfe speaks about students demonstrating at Torness nuclear power station - more delegates talk about nuclear power and weapons, fishery protection, defence of oil facilities (6.09) SNP Western Isles MP Donald Stewart takes to the stage and talks about Margaret Thatcher and hypocrisy of the UK government, intercut shots of platform party - Stewart welcomes Jim Sillars to the SNP (9.42) interview with Sillars about SNP meeting the needs of the people of Scotland, his arrival at the SNP as a 'Messiah', need for SNP to move leftwards to challenge dominance of Labour Party in Scotland, his reception at the conference (13.14) Margaret Bain speaking on podium - Margo MacDonald speaks about an oil fund for Scotland - delegate talks about Labour Party double standards - Jim Fairlie speaks about right of education for all - delegate talks about resisting Tory cuts - delegate talks about inequality in society - delegate talks about cuts in health, education and welfare and hypocrisy of Labour Party (18.18) MEP Winnie Ewing speaking on podium - interview with Ewing about her role speaking up for Scottish industry, the SNP's aim to take Scotland out of Europe (20.57) Hamish Watt speaks on podium about problems in fishing industry caused by Common Market - George Leslie talks about Scotland as part of international community - Jim Fairlie talks about Common Market as 'supra-nationalist' (23.40) platform party and delegates sing 'Scots Wha Hae' at end of conference and applaud (24.59)