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  • Outer Hebrides


  • Birds
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  • Travelogue


  • 1970s

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Reference number: T2320

Date: 1977*

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.37 mins

Description: Tom Weir's overview of the Isle of Vatersay, its history and current position in 1973 (?) There are also short interviews on Eriskay with retiring schoolmaster Mr McDonald and his sister in 1978.

See also ref. T2307

Shotlist: view from boat of fishing boat passing and shore of Vatersay in b/ground (0.28) closer view boat (1.01) Tom Weir on boat talking to camera (1.42) barbed wire fence, landscape (2.10) wrecked hull on beach (2.25) Tom Weir on boat talking to camera (2.35) man and boy on Vatersay, Land Rover passes (2.59) Tom Weir meets Donald Campbell, crofter and village postman, talking head Campbell intercut with children helping on croft and playing football. Stony beach with left over fishing utensils. Gvs landscape, people and crofts (8.05) Puffins (8.32) birds flying over sea and on cliffs. Water breaking on rocks (9.27) cattle ext. house, slow pan to Tom Weir still talking to Donald Campbell. Gvs houses (10.14) old jetty (11.02) elevated view beach, pan right around island (12.09) ext. Tom Weir talking to camera (13.25) landscape at coast, closer view small monument on the Machar which almost divides Vatersay in two (13.50) Tom Weir talks of the ship Annie-Jane which ran aground and was wrecked in the bay with loss of 350 lives (14.49) view from boat of boat, the St. Vincent, approaching and passing, Tom Weir and another man on board (15.16) c/u head James McNeill, lobsterman. Talking about his job (15.51) Tom Weir talks to Seamus Sinclair on boat talking about lobstering. Both men talking about their future (18.25) another view as boat passes, Tom Weir and James McNeill on board (18.47) coastal landscape (19.02) Tom Weir on yacht talking, camera pans to island (19.26)(699ft) [Leader] (19.39) Tom Weir talking to Donald McDonald who was schoolmaster on Eriskay for thirty years. White horse and landscape in b/ground (19.58) closer view McDonald talking about his life on the island, starting in 1947 (21.22) camera pans back to take in landscape in b/ground (22.54) ext. school (23.02) Tom Weir ext, house talking to woman in doorway, Schoolmasters' sister who is a singer (23.13) talking head woman intercut with gvs landscape. She talks of Eriskay, and "Father Allan" (24.22) Gvs landscape with singing as soundtrack. houses, fishing boats, graveyard (25.37)