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Reference number: T2302

Date: [1988, February]

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.02 mins

Description: Programme outlining the thinking behind the development of the poll tax in theory and reactions of public, activists and politicians in the run-up to its enactment in Scotland.

See also ref. 2404

Credits: [comm. s. Colin ?]

Shotlist: PART ONE
[no credits or title] shot of Adam Smith's grave (0.17) [blank] (0.18) ints Madsen Pirie explaining the principles of the Adam Smith Insitute, which he co-founded (0.40) slow pan R - L overlooking Kelvingrove Park and University Avenue (1.02) talking head, Malcolm Rifkind, explaining the Poll Tax and the abolition of domestic rates (1.17) [blank leader, 'Student Anti Tax Demo'] (1.57) street scene, North Street, St Andrews (2.07) ints Douglas Mason, a founder member of the Reform Group, speaking about the origin of their ideas (2.29) c/u various Reform Group pamphlets (commercial radio, sale of council houses, privatisation of British Telecom, abolition of marketing boards) (2.52) talking head, Allan Stewart MP, about the influence these Reform Group ideas had in politics (3.14) Douglas Mason continues (3.29) Allan Stewart continues (3.50) talking head, Madsen Pirie, discussing the founding of the Adam Smith Institute and some of their policies (privatisation of local government services, contracting out cleaning in hospitals etc) and how these later influenced the Conservative party (4.39) [blank section 'Tory Reformers'] (5.06) ints Kirkcaldy District Council meeting room (5.21) [very dark] Douglas Mason and two other members of the Tory Group (5.40) pan overlooking Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvin Hall, Transport Museum and river (6.01) Conservative Party spokesman speaking of the high domestic rate increases in Scotland under Labour (6.19) view over tenements (West End?) (6.23) Michael Hirst, Conservative MP for Strathkelvin and Bearsden, talks about his confrontational meeting with the deputy Conservative prime minister, Lord Whitelaw (6.45) [blank] (6.52) Conservative representatives, including Michael Hirst, speak about the public outcry in relation to rates increases (7.42) [blank leader 'ITN Chequers' - sound describes the introduction of the poll tax] (9.00) brief talking head Madsen Pirie, claiming that the Adam Smith Institute's ideas brought about the poll tax (9.25) unidentified man speaks of his opposition to the poll tax, Allan Stewart speaks about how the Poll Tax idea was rejected by the Department of the Environment the first time around (10.15) exts Houses of Parliament, London (10.49) 405ft

[no credits or title] shot of Benedictine monk walking down sunlit path, exts Nunraw Abbey, East Lothian (0.18) ints Abbey corridor (0.38) Archbishop Thomas Winning speaks of the Catholic Church's opposition to the Poll Tax - it is unjust (0.56) ints refectory with shot of monk laying tables (1.13) Archbishop Winning continues (1.35) exts homeless hostel (?) 'The Salvation, Social Services' (1.52) ints Salvation Army hostel with residents sitting at tables, i/v Salvation Army spokesman and his concerns about the Poll Tax on the people they house (2.42) exts graveyard at Canongate Kirk, homeless man sitting on bench (2.55) exts Houses of Parliament at night (soundtrack is of debate on the Poll Tax) (3.23) [blank, sound continues] (4.13) John Biffen, former member of Cabinet, speaking about the Scottish Bill (4.55) [blank leader 'Tory Conference'] 'London family' (5.31) ints Strathkelvin and Bearsden Conservative members as they listen to Douglas Mason 'evangelising' about the Poll Tax idea (6.16) talking head Michael Hirst (6.30) [blank]
(6.36) Allan Stewart talking head on his constituents views and ultimate support for the Poll Tax (7.28) [blank] (7.45) ints Labour Party 'Stop It - Scottish Campaign Against the Poll Tax' press conference showing a hard working family and their opinions on the effects the tax will have (8.21) Catholic spokesman on the problems faced by the elderly (8.41) Malcolm Rifkind speaks about the rebates available to the elderly or low paid (9.00) ints trade union social club (Edinburgh Central Labour Party) - various members quiz Douglas Mason about the poll tax - it is clear they are opposed to it (11.56) [blank] (11.57) ints bar (probably in same social club) Douglas Mason comments on the reaction (12.49) [blank leader 'Still Mason'] (12.55) St. Andrews University Student Representative Council, a representative speaks about the political makeup of students at the University and the move away from the radical right (13.39) ints Adam Smith Insitute where Madsen Pirie explains the student attitudes today as opposed to his day (14.04) brief shot Kirkcaldy Conservatives and exts Houses of Parliament (14.17) Allan Stewart and unid. Conservative official comment on the Community Charge and their expectation of it of it passing into law (15.13) 570ft
[sd continues] (16.16) 610ft