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  • Edinburgh


  • Media, communication and the creative industries


  • Television documentary


  • 1970s

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Reference number: T2292

Date: 1977

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.54 mins

Description: STV Documentary on Thomson of Fleet, 1st Baron, Roy Herbert Thomson.

Shotlist: [COL] STV logo (0.10) ext. garden, large house, sunny day, birds singing. Lord Thomson making his way towards camera (0.38) int. talking head man (0.48) younger man talking about Thomson and his businesses including the Scotsman newspaper, window in b/ground (1.38) talking head James Coltart about start of STV (2.50) Thomson at desk talking about his companies (3.30) ext. street, Jimmy Logan talking about Thomson (4.06) int., man (Times employee?) talking (4.41) Times editor-in-chief Sir Denis Hamilton talking about Thomson's hands-off approach to newspaper ownership (5.23) talking head about Thomson's qualities (5.41) talking head man wearing dark glasses about Thomson's attitude to employees (6.10) man at mantlepiece talking (6.18) talking head Coltart about Thomson's 'meanness' (7.08) ext. talking head Thomson about ambition (7.38) int. talking head Coltart about his philosophy (8.18) ext., garden, large house in b/ground, interview with Thomson about start of STV (9.55) ext., l/s interviewer, talking head Logan about timidity of Scottish investors at start of STV (10.11) talking head Thomson about investing in STV (10.45) ext. Scotsman building in Edinburgh (10.56) int., c/u talking head Scotsman editor? (11.17) ext. Thomson House, zoom in on window (11.25) int. office, Thomson at desk (11.31) blank (sound continues) (11.37) Thomson at desk talking (12.43) talking head man wearing dark glasses about Thomson's motivation (13.00) talking head Coltart about Sunday Times magazine (13.07) [BW, mute] Thomson pushes buttons to start printing presses, gvs press (13.31) Thomson looking at magazine (13.34) [COL, commag] talking head Coltart (13.42) ext. Sunday Times buildings at New Printing House Square (14.00) talking heads Hamilton, younger man, Coltart about Thomson's working methods (15.33) talking head man wearing dark glasses about forged Mussolini diaries (15.37) pan Mussolini diaries on desk (15.46) c/u writing (16.08) closer view talking man wearing dark glasses (17.21) c/u diaries (17.30) man wearing dark glasses, first name Gordon (18.08) younger man talking, window in b/ground (18.18) talking head Hamilton (18.33) ext., talking head Thomson (18.49) camera pans back to l/v from interviewer and Thomson (19.06) talking head Thomson about acquiring Sunday Times (19.40) closer view Thomson, jump back to m/v (20.31) view from further back of interviewer and Thomson (20.37) closer view Thomson (21.01) talking head man at mantlepiece about Thomson's attempt to buy Pravda (21.48) talking head Thomson (21.53) [BW, mute] Thomson descending aircraft stairs in Moscow and shakes hands with various men in fur coats. Snow falling lightly. (22.30) [COL, commag] (22.34) talking head Hamilton about Thomson visit to China (23.18) talking head Thomson about government in China (24.48) talking head Thomson, reveals he is 81 years old (24.43) talking head Coltart (25.05) talking head younger man about Thomson's peerage (25.54) Thomson walking in garden with newspaper past fountain and pond (26.54)