A young Falkirk couple compare their imminent wedding plans to those of Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips, who will be married on the same day. (clip - full length available onsite)

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Reference number: T2147

Date: 1973

Production company: STV

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 5.09 mins

Description: A feature on a young Glasgow couple who are to be married on the same day as Princess Anne and the monetary problems the newlyweds are bound to run into.

Shotlist: Pan from copy of 'Woman's Own with it's Royal Wedding Souvenir pages to m/s of the girl sitting at her dressing table doing her make-up (0.21) She rises from seat to examine her dress (0.33) C/u of the dress (0.42) C/u of various price tags (0.48) Young couple looking in the shop window at various items (1.08) Talking head iv. with Rona and Robert on how they'll cope (1.16)The couple walk down the street towards Banesford parish church (1.33) The couple are greeted outside the church by the minister and the three enter the church (1.47) The couple go through a practice for the wedding as minister tutors them on the ceremony (3.00) The couple look in a travel agent's window (3.20) Talking head iv. on their plans for their honeymoon (3.34) Gvs building society windows and ads (3.50) Talking head iv. with the couple on other aspects of the marriage (4.20) Iv. continues over shot of the couple walking down street towards camera (4.36)