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Reference number: T1722

Date: 1959

Production company: STV

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 4.02 mins

Description: The 'Mona' was Broughty Ferry's longest serving lifeboat until the night of 8th December 1959 when disaster struck. It was in this night of terrible storms that the lifeboat with its crew of eight was launched to aid the North Carr lightship which had been torn from her moorings and drifting off Fife Ness. The last message received from the 'Mona' was at 4.48 a.m. before she was found the following morning on the sands near Barry rifle range. None of the crew survived. This is film of that fateful morning when the lifeboat had just been found and it also shows the severity of the storms which were hitting the North Sea at that time.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker.]

Shotlist: Waves pounding the beach front (0.21) Small ships being tossed around by the waves (0.28) the lifeboat 'Mona' is examined as the snow falls thickly overhead (1.24) Overexposed film, unable to make anything out (1.48) L/s of the beached lifeboat (1.56) Men examine the boat (2.30) Trims (2.39) Men head out to sea in the lifeboat (2.52) Pan of the seafront (2.55) The raging sea (3.00) The lifeboat 'Mona'(3.24) The RNLB Mona is examined (4.09) The lifeboat continues to be examined and photographed (4.31)