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The problems and challenges of growing up and being educated in Maravig in the south-east of Lewis. (clip)

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In this clip we see Dolina McLennan walking past houses in the village of Callanish, she stops and gives a short Gaelic lesson then investigates the stone circle of Callanish. (clip)

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Dolina's sister washes clothes in the freezing loch, while Dolina prepares to make a black pudding. (clip)

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Reference number: T1573

Date: 1971*

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.50 mins

Description: Gaelic lessons on the Isle of Lewis featuring Dolina MacLennan, Gaelic commentary then translation - in parts divided by countdown leader. Also featuring what is possibly the first cooking lesson in Gaelic to be televised.

Shotlist: A young woman Dolina MacLennan driving her car along a single track road towards Maravig on Lewis she stops at the hamlet(1.38) Dolina walks into the small school there and the children come out to play in the schoolyard, the children leave school and go home(4.00) countdown leader(4.11) panning shot of Stornoway harbour with a Fishery Cruiser in harbour and a shot of Lewis Castle overlooking the harbour(4.50) Dolina trying to fish with a rod from a small fishing boat just of the coast and is helped by the skipper of the boat - "The Heron"(8.31) countdown leader(8.41) Dolina walking along past houses in the village of Callanish, she stops and gives a short Gaelic lesson(9.52) Dolina investigates the stone circle of Callanish(12.23) Dolina walking through the black houses of Garynahine with Dolina sitting in one of the deserted houses introducing then singing a Lewis Gaelic song (14.06) countdown leader(14.16) Dolina in Maraveg visiting a friend(14.43) shot of Hector at his loom producing tweed, Dolina interviews him(15.32) shot of Dolina's sister Kirsty-Anne washing her clothes by the coast line, Dolina arrives with a small boy to help her sister(18.05) Dolina arriving home with her washing(18.37) Gaelic cookery lesson in Dolina's kitchen - making a black pudding (19.50)