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Reference number: T1508

Date: 1961

Production company: STV

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 7.44 mins

Description: One lone fireman's heroic battle against the raging whisky fire is captured spectacularly on film. However, having perished in the flames, the second half of the film concerns the funeral as the fire brigade honour a hero. The funeral procession passes through the Glasgow streets which are lined with people paying their last respects to this man from the Springburn division of the Glasgow fire brigade. Also contains footage of Princess Margaret inspecting the aftermath of the disaster.

Shotlist: [Please note - shotlisted at 24fps - actual running time is 7.44 mins @ 18fps]

A lone fireman atop tall ladder pours water down upon the raging fire below (0.08) more hoses attack the fire from the ground (0.19) The lone fireman on the ladder is silhouetted against the fire as the flames leap higher (0.45) The fireman is dwarfed against the fire leaping across the rooftops (0.59) Camera zooms in on the lone fireman (1.06) The wreckage of the fire engine and ladder lie abandoned in the street (1.22) The burnt out shell of the building (1.46) -Leader- (1.59) Princess Margaret inspects the debris accompanied by members of the police and fire departments, the Lord Provost and other dignitaries (2.16) The group moves on down the street as behind them the clearing up operation begins (2.27) -Leader- (2.38) Overhead view of the massive funeral procession, led by members of the brigade with banners, followed by a brass band, as it moves slowly through the street lined with people paying their last respects(3.03) The hearse bearing the Union Jack draped coffin, is escorted along High Street (3.15) The procession arrives at the Glasgow Cathedral (3.21) Camera pans along the line of firemen escorting the coffin (3.31) -Leader- (3.39) The men lined up outside the church (3.46) The procession turning up from the Clyde towards High Street (3.52) Dignitaries arrive (3.56) Camera pans the line-up of firemen outside the church (4.05)