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Full length video - full length available onsite

Video 2

Artist Stuart Brisley and friends hammering old cars in a performance art piece in a car showroom in Edinburgh. (clip - full length available onsite)

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Artist Graham Stevens and friend walk into St. Mary’s Loch inside a large inflatable cube. (clip - full length available onsite)

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Reference number: T0829

Date: 1970* - 1971*

Director: d. James Sutherland

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 43.41 mins

Description: T.V. Arts Documentary profiling visual artists working within the Scottish Art Council's Locations: Edinburgh project, appearing at sites around Edinburgh during the 1971 Edinburgh International Festival, with visuals of their art and interviews with the artists concerned. Participants include members of the Artists Placement Group (APG).

Credits: w. & presented by Alex Dickson
film unit Harry Bridges, Gordon Stevenson, Ron Wilkins.
dubbing mixer Garry Coleman
film ed. Jim Hossack

Shotlist: FESTIVAL LOCATIONS EDINBURGH (0.07) reporter in back of car with shots of Edinburgh streets (0.49) vertical split screen scenes of Edinburgh streets with pedestrians & traffic with reporter in back of car (1.35) c/u shots of people in the streets with reporter in car (2.12) brief shot of Calton Hill with shot of reporter framed in empty television screen in the street (2.52) shot of a large yellow & orange pill shaped inflatable object rolling down the hill of Arthur's Seat with children playing with it at the bottom of the hill, c/u talking head Iv on the hill with Graham Stevens the artist involved in creating the object (5.38) shot of large polythene sheet on the surface of the St.Mary's loch beside Arthur's Seat being held by members of the public beside the loch side who are interviewed as they hold onto the rope (7.25) brief Iv with artist, shot of artist & female companion inside a clear plastic cube shaped object walking onto the water of the loch interspersed with Iv with artist (8.45) shots of fancy dress procession walking along the Grassmarket stopping at the entrance of the Traverse Theatre (10.17) shot of Alastair MacIntosh Scottish Arts Council official walking along street with talking head Iv discussing the role of visuals artists in the Festival (13.32) shot of van with tartan plastic covering & c/u Iv with Australian artist Jeff Shaw, brief shots of slates with views of van being driven through streets with the bemused reactions of pedestrians walking past (18.25) shot of artist Ed Herring setting up tape recorder in a toilet? (18.46) shot of loud speaker above the shop sign "Tasworth (Scotland) Ltd" with various passers by, incl Archie Fisher, stopping briefly to listen then moving on (19.19) talking head Iv with the artist discussing his concept of using a Wildtrack tape recording as art ending with shots of passers by staring at the loudspeaker with shot of traffic & pedestrians in Princess Street (22.24) countdown leader (22.33) shot of reporter getting out of Jaguar sports car with sledge hammer which he proceeds to mockingly smash the front lights of the car (23.03) shots of performance artists inside Alexander's empty car show room smashing up white-washed cars, plus Iv with Stuart Brisley the artist concerned standing beside the Jaguar sports car interspersed with shots of the public's reactions looking into the shop window with further shots of the artists in performance with the cars (30.53) vox pops Iv with members of public giving their reactions to the performance (32.29) int shots of new John Calder bookshop, behind the shelves a room with a single painting with people sitting staring at a large blank beige canvas & an Iv with the artist Peter Joseph sitting beside the canvas (36.51) shot of experimental film maker Dave Hall working in studio moving onto ext shots of the film maker & his crew in a field working on a film interspersed with an i/v with the film maker, shots of the filming of a fish tank being filled with grass (41.45) ["David Hall section removed" written on clear stock] (41.47) shots of a long narrow net placed in a field at a angle with a brief shot of the artist Dave Parsons being interviewed (42.30) shot of reporter with the Royal Scottish Academy in the background (43.11) e.c.s. (43.41).