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  • Edinburgh


  • Ceremonies
  • Military
  • Royalty


  • Television documentary


  • 1960s

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Reference number: T0722

Date: 1964c

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: mute

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.17 mins

Description: T.V. Documentary showing the opening ceremony by the Queen of the newly constructed Forth Road Bridge in September 1964.

Shotlist: No credits, aerial shot looking directly down on Battleship(0.10) gv of Queen & Duke of Edinburgh arriving at an opening ceremony with shots of Queen giving a speech(0.34) shots of Royal car procession entering Forth Road Bridge(0.44) gv of motorists paying & going through toll barriers & shots of vehicles crossing bridge(1.24) gv of Queen at opening ceremony incl. c/u of plaque commemorating the opening with date given - 4/9/64(2.02) gv of cruisers & tug boats sailing up the Forth(2.24) gv of battleship from bridge(3.17) gv of crowds waving Royal procession on bridge & gv of crowds on bridge(4.30) gv of ships sailing away from bridge incl. shots of ships from bridge(5.35) gv of crowd leaving bridge to allow Pipe Band to play & cross the bridge(6.51) gv of ships & shots of bridge from ships going underneath(8.15) gv of Forth Rail Bridge from ship(8.24) gv of Queen at quayside leaving in car moving onto gv of opening ceremony, inspecting the troops & giving speech(10.15) tracking shot of road bridge from car(11.16) gv at opening ceremony - with cuts of scenes occuring throughout(13.00) gv of Navy ships & bridge with Royal Procession taken from the air(14.28) gv of vehicles moving through toll bars - with cuts(15.57) ls of bridge with traffic crossing, no end credits(16.17).