Glasgow’s first Punjabi policewoman, Sawarnjit Matharu, describes why she decided to join the police force. (clip)

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  • Emotions, attitudes and behaviour
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations


  • Television news


  • 1970s

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Reference number: T0025

Date: 1974

Production company: Scottish Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.50 mins

Description: Shots of Scotland's first South Asian police cadet Sawarnjit Matharu, standing for photographs, and giving an interview on South Portland Street Suspension Bridge in Glasgow.

Joining the police force in the 1970s, Sawarnjit remained with Strathclyde Police for five years.

See for an interview with Sawarnjit Matharu.

Shotlist: No credits. Shots of young police cadet Sawarnjit Matharu standing for photographs next to her fellow graduates; c/u policeman Dilawar Singh, who has been four years in the service (0.33) i/v police cadet Matharu, shots intercut with interviewer [on South Portland Street suspension bridge in Glasgow]; Matharu speaks about why she joined, her expectations of the work and the media interest (1.50); Trims. demolition work; police cadet Matharu standing for cameras, intercut with shots of journalists and photographers; (4.07) Iv Police Cadet Matharu; as before, and reactions to her decision to join (6.36) blank (6.50) Iv continues. (8.17) blank (8.52) Trims. interviewer records questions (10.34)