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Edward Woodward tells a story about a conversation with a member of the audience while on stage at the Byre Theatre. (clip)

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Actors and staff at the Byre Theatre prepare for ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’, the last play of the summer season in 1983. (clip)

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Reference number: N1067

Date: 1983*

Director: d. Christopher Kay. Michael Steele

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27.01 mins

Description: Made to mark the 50th anniversary history of Byre Theatre Company in St. Andrews, this programme retells the history of the group through reminiscences of past and present members, from humble beginnings to the first tour, staging "The Diary of Anne Frank".

Credits: narr. Martyn James
p.ass. Erica Nicoll
sd. recs Ino Visser, Sandy Knox, Raymond E. Orr
dub mix Richard Hughes
film cam. Pete Moran
film ed. Charles Main
exec. p. Ted Brocklebank
prog. ed. Alan Cowie
Grampian Television wishes to thank the Byre Theatre Company for their co-operation in the making of this programme.

Shotlist: Grampian logo; Ext. Grand Opera House on Belfast street corner (0.10) int. man on stage talking about Byre Theatre Company's staging of 'The Diary of Anne Frank'. Shots audience (0.33) ext. cow barn in St. Andrews, Fife, where Byre Theatre Company began in 1933, title (0.40) aerial shot St. Andrews (0.47) pioneer Alex Paterson walking down street, walking with dog in park (1.15) watercolour of barn (1.22) ext. Byre Theatre as it is today, actors arriving for interview (1.43) int. actress, actors audition for artistic director Adrian Reynolds (2.18) int. audition London with drama teacher Douglas Storm (2.40) Hugh Hastings, songwriter (2.49) talking head Douglas Storm (3.01) talking head Hugh Hastings (3.28) Douglas Storm talking, b&w photograph early audience, actors (4.01) Hugh Hastings at piano (4.08) b&w photo backstage at Byre Theatre, outside (4.41) col. photograph chairs and stage (4.51) larger stage today, man talking to actors/actresses/theatre staff seated in circle about upcoming season (5.22) model of stage, people discussing specifics of show (6.25) woman putting poster up in shop window, 'The Day After the Fair' (6.33) actresses reading lines (7.01) show in progress, intercut with audience (7.28) int. Radio Tay studio (7.51) show in progress (8.16) ext. Aintree, making of film in progress starring Edward Woodward (8.38) ext. EW talking to camera (9.02) int. talking head Alex Paterson, b&w stills EW on stage (9.32) EW talking (10.27) int. talking head director Patrick Malahide (11.02) b&w still ext. barn, New Byre Theatre (11.14) Patrick Mallahide (11.59) int. New Byre Theatre (12.09) gvs actors and backstage staff, set designers. V/over John Brooking designer (12.49) Company relaxing (13.16) rehearsals on set of previous play (14.33) summer visitors on St. Andrews street (14.37) ext. Byre Theatre (14.43) fundraising event, locals of St. Andrew's play club rehearsing (15.15) Una MacLean and Roy Boucher, former Byre performers - now married. Talking to camera in restaurant (16.04) b&w wedding photo (16.29) Michael Elder who married Sheila Donald, both formerly of Byre (16.43) Michael talking to camera at new Byre (17.17) actors and actresses backstage, curtain call (18.35) audience in foyer (18.53) lights up and play starts, intercut with audience (19.35) some of the cast in a car (19.58) rehearsals for 'Deathtrap' (20.45) actress on beach (21.10) cast ext. Byre (21.15) preparing stage for 'The Diary of Anne Frank' (21.59) rehearsals (22.54) audience, scene from play (23.09) ext. Aberdeen, His Majesty's Theatre, cast pose for photographs, media interviews (23.50) scene from play (24.08) cast at Aberdeen airport, boarding plane which takes flight (24.45) soldiers on streets of Belfast, Company passing through security checks (25.19) ext. Grand Opera House (25.30) int. theatre, scenes from play (26.05) ecs (26.36) man raises toast to cast and the next 50 years of the Byre theatre (27.01)