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Title: CARNOUSTIE: A Town Of Golf

Reference number: N1065

Date: 1968*

Director: d. Andrew Holmes

Production company: Grampian Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 27.32 mins

Description: Scenic overview of Carnoustie golf course and golfer's opinions on it.

Credits: w. & spoken by Patric Dickenson
sd. Neil McMillan
cam. Malcolm Campbell, David Drinkwater
m. Alex Sutherland
ed. Michael Pavett

Shotlist: title and credits, overlaid rear view elderly man walking in park and throwing ball for dog. Weather misty (0.54) fountain in foreground and pavilion / tearoom in background (1.04) pan beach during cold weather, people well wrapped up (1.38) puddle on golf course, two golfers walk through it and on (1.56) elevated views golf course (2.13) tide on sunny day (2.46) pan estuary, sand dunes - possibly very briefly The Old Course, St. Andrews (?) (3.15) golf course and adjacent military practice zone (3.38) more gvs golf course (3.55) Barry burn through golf course (4.43) talking head golfers about the burn (5.37) burn flowing into sea (5.57) flag pin in hole above golf ball, cut to flag above spent bullet cartridges (6.04) soldiers target practice intercut with golfer practising (7.09) ext. sign 'Dalhousie Golf Club', gvs various clubhouses (7.34) people coming out of church in rain (7.39) female and male golfers intercut with shots of town centre and Carnoustie life (8.46) train passes at high speed (8.54) illustration of early golfers (9.01) [b&w stills] various men (9.28) current day golfer (10.06) schoolboys practising with teacher (11.43) golfers arrive at car park with golf clubs (12.11) signpost with arrows 'Championship Course' and 'Burnside Course', zoom into Championship (12.20) talking heads golfers (12.50) gvs golfers (13.14) ball lands in bunker, golfer attempts to play out (13.38) ball lands in burn, man fishing it out with rod (13.57) elevated view course (14.09) c/u ball being placed on tee, gvs golfers (14.31) soldiers with machine gun intercut with shots of divets in turf (14.46) green keepers throwing handfuls of earth into divots from pan around neck (15.17) man sewing grass seed from large basket (15.41) man raking bunker (16.08) man cutting grass with scythe at edge of burn (16.46) tractor dragging several small lawnmowers (17.16) bag of old clubs, c/u old ball being put on mound of earth, man in Victorian dress playing golf (18.10) int. workshop, man making golf club (19.58) pan coastline round to golf course (20.43) c/u putting, gvs golfers playing (21.49) talking heads golfers about Carnoustie course (22.30) gvs golfers on course, elevated shots (23.54) c/u golf ball being placed on tee, gvs golfers (26.07) man ripping up scoresheet and throws it in burn (26.36) rear view golfers walking, ecs (27.32)