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Reference number: N0282

Date: 1980

Production company: Grampian Television

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.23 mins

Description: Centenary of the 'Northern Scot' newspaper, published by the Moray and Nairn Newspaper Company Limited in Elgin. Includes footage of printing presses and men at work on newspapers. Close ups of pages from newspapers over the years.

Shotlist: Ints. of man leaning into printing presses (0.07) shot of Elgin Town Square and Main Street, focussing on exterior of printing shop 'The Northern Scot' Moray and Nairn Express (0.14) gvs people at work in printing offices, typesetting etc (0.30) c/u pages of newspaper advertisement pages and photographs, one celebrating one hundred years of the newspaper (1.27) -blank- (1.33) exts printing shop (2.10) ints newspaper presses, men at work (3.27) -blank- (3.33) typesetters at work, journalists typing at word processors, shots inside offices (4.54) thank you letter and well wishes from the Queen upon the centenary of the newspaper; c/u front page of centenary edition (5.42) c/u pages of newspaper, some dating back to 1880, including advertisements (8.44) c/us from centenary edition, reprinting archive photographs (10.15) -blank- (10.19) gvs mixture of shots, repeated footage (11.23)