PANTO '89: The Making of Aladdin

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Title: PANTO '89: The Making of Aladdin

Reference number: 9545

Date: 1989

Director: filmed by Ron Black

Sound: sound

Original format: unknown

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 171.51 mins

Description: A comprehensive and 'behind the scenes' record of Dumbarton People's Theatre's pantomime production of Aladdin' in 1989.

Information from donor:
This video records the work involved in producing the Dumbarton People's Theatre's (D.P.T) pantomime in 1989. It opens with the 'after show' gathering in their rehearsal studio, this was included as the video was screened to members but does show the numbers, plus wives / husbands, boy / girlfriends and friends involved.

Scenes from early rehearsals through to final staging are included. The company's productions are staged in 'The Denny Civic Theatre' in Dumbarton Town Centre and the 'get-in', or as members know it, 'the shift' is illustrated. Of note is the wide range of ages in the membership typified by one of the set makers (Sam Campbell) reminiscing about his days in the Denny shipyard, where he started in 1927, 'before going to work on 534' (the 'Queen Mary' at John Brown's, Clydebank) and the young girl (Ailsa Gray) being introduced to the group.
Over the long history of D.P.T a number of members have gone into the professional theatre and in the video two of the 'back stage' crew have followed this path; Duncan Barton, who is credited as 'Best Boy' and seen leaping up onto the stage at times, is now a successful stage set designer in London and Niall Black, seen holding stage lamps during the lighting rigging, is now Technical Director of the National Theatre of Scotland.
Reference is made to 'John McFall' on a couple of occasions. This is Lord McFall of Alcluith (the Briton's name for Dumbarton) then the local MP who is a supporter of the group and a member of the audience when the opportunity arises.

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Shot of a party. Shots of people reading through the script and practicing their lines. Cast members are shown discussing various scenes and acting some out. Next the film shows the women working in the props and costumes department. The women discuss the characters and the required costumes. A man plays a piano as people choreograph dance moves. Drafts of proposed costumes are discussed. People are also shown painting backgrounds and props which are then shown being put into a van and taken to the theatre where women are shown rehearsing a musical number. Cast members are then shown rehearsing dance moves with the director giving instruction and demonstrations. Shot of the exterior of the Dumbarton Civic Theatre are shown before people are shown putting up props and more stage rehearsals are shown. Cast members try on their costumes before a dress rehearsal is shown. A woman in costume puts on makeup and a seamstress is shown making alterations to a costume. More shots of people having their makeup done. Shot of the theatre packed with audience members is shown. A man is shown buying a ticket before more dressing room scenes. Both shots of the actors at work on the stage and back stage preparation shots are shown. ALADDIN 2ND-9TH DECEMBER 1989 [a list of the cast follows] Dressing room shots of the male actors changing clothes. Shots of the technical crew at work as well as high vantage shots of the pantomime. More shots of the costume makers discussing ideas. AN ACTUAL VIDEO Shots from St Andrews and people going into the Byre Theatre. Shots of a poster for Para Handy showing at the theatre. Shot of a man standing in the Vital Spark boat prop for the theatre production Para Handy. The man asks about the capacity of the theatre and continues to tour the set.