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Title: ARRAN

Reference number: 9418

Date: 1947c

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.19 mins

Description: Amateur footage of a family holiday on Arran, including days on the beach, playing in the garden and a visit to Arran by the royal family.

Shotlist: [BW] [no title] - boy sitting on rocks - family having picnic at beach - gvs family group with children in garden, at table with tea cups and glasses - playing cricket in garden (1.57) 'Telegraph Office' sign on wall at King's Cross Post Office, Arran - girl and boy pose for camera - boys playing with dog in garden (2.50) family at beach, boys and girls playing in water, steamer at sea in distance - older girls bounce young girl in water (4.03) [COL] pan across beach from jetty - shot of jetty, Ailsa Craig in distance - gvs farmland and cottages - l/s Pladda and lighthouse - l/s Holy Isle - gv coastline - man in kilt at road-side (5.01) girl and boy on see-saw - children playing at small jetty - family in boat - children playing in water at beach, throwing sand - two Royal Navy destroyers pass Holy Island, led by HMS Sluys - shots of group of people on boat (6.20) crowds gathered for visit of Royal Family - naval launch approaches shore - crowds wave as royal cars pass - red ensign on flagpole (6.45) [BW] - people on country road wave flags as cars pass - family walking along road - children playing badminton in garden - pan across hills - c/u black cat - tree blowing in wind - children playing in garden (8.29) [COL] people sitting on coach - view from coach window along sea road - fishing boats at pier, waves on rocks - gvs family walking along country road, river, wild flowers - gvs pier opposite Holy Island, children playing in water with inflatable dinghy and bathing (10.37) family sitting in garden outside house, children playing with bicycle and walking on oil drum (11.48) Fete At Brodick Castle - large crowd milling around in gardens of castle - gvs of flower beds, views from gardens to sea - pipe band playing in gardens - gvs castle and gardens, Highland dancers - gvs steamer 'Glen Sannox' at pier, woman and young girl on board - steamer departs and family wave from shore - boys walking over rocks at beach - boy listening to radio on lawn (13.33) gvs sheepdog trials, Duke and Duchess of Montrose talking to crowd - gvs sunset over water (14.19)