CRAIL 1938

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  • Fife


  • Amateur


  • 1930s

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Title: CRAIL 1938

Reference number: 9415

Date: 1938

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 8.27 mins

Description: Amateur footage of a family holiday to Crail and a visit to the Isle of May.

Shotlist: title - gvs Crail Tolbooth on Marketgate - shots of older woman and man coming out of house, family in garden, children walking down street - young girl in garden - boy with fishing net on rocks at beach, girl playing in rock pools - gvs children playing on beach and in water, family at beach huts (2.18) What are The Wild Waves Saying - young girl paddling and playing - l/shots children playing in tidal pool with model yachts (3.34) boy and girl playing with beach balls on street - c/u shots poppies in wheatfield, boy gathering wild flowers - man and woman relaxing in play-park - family having tea and ice-cream sodas outdoors, children looking at goldfish in pool (4.36) picnic rug laid out on beach - gvs on beach, fishermen unloading net from small boat - tracking shots on board small boat (5.02) Isle of May - tracking shots from small boat approaching Isle of May - boys on board boat - passengers disembark on island, feed flock of chickens - shots of fishing boat ML.360 - family coming down slip to board boat - tracking shots on leaving island, cliffs with seabirds (6.45) Evening - gvs sunset, boats in harbour, children on harbour wall, boys on fishing boat - gvs streets and houses - farmer and children at door of barn with horses inside - gvs family and farmer in field with horses and foal, cattle, sheepdog and sheep - sky at sunset - The Gloaming - sky and clouds at sunset - THE END (8.27)