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Reference number: 9304

Date: 1959*

Director: filmed by Dr. Iain Dunnachie

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.34 mins

Description: The Dunnachie family's dilemma - how to choose where to go on a family holiday? This fun film records how they do so in Pitlochry, Kinloch Rannoch and St. Andrews.

Highly commended at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1959.

Shotlist: title gvs family sitting in the garden on lawn furniture. Narrator says they were discussing holidays and it would be their 5th year in a caravan. The narrator states what each members of a family wanted to do on holiday. They went to Pitlochry. Stayed the weekend. Sound of birds chirping and gvs of birds in lake. Shot of mother knitting outside caravan. On Monday went to Kinloch Rannoch, mum found peace and quiet she liked. Shot of trees and forests, birds chirping. gvs of loch [music out of sync] classical piano music playing as various shots of scenery are shown. Shot of mum walking along shore in search of wild flowers, list and gvs of flower types found. Shot of girl (Margo) scooping up water from the loch into a metal canister and shots of her carrying water [music still out of sync], narrator comments that Avril did not help. Shots of Margo and Robin carrying rocks. Narrator say Margo had plenty of leisure time too. Margo and Robin spend time playing by loch- sounds of cries and splashes. Shots of children playing. gv of farmers shearing sheep, narrator says Dad walked up the hill to watch shearing, sound of clippers and farmers, shot of dad being roped into helping. Shots of girls tossing up the bails of sheep coats to women who put them in a sack. Narrator says it was a shame the children were lazing around caravan rather than climbing up hills and sheep shearing. In the evening family played rounder’s’, shots of family playing. On second week of holiday went to St Andrews, shots of the town of St Andrews from afar. In St Andrews Avril shown playing tennis in the mornings, in the afternoons the children went swimming in the sea, shot of them swimming with other holiday makers. Robin went in first but girls shiver for a while then went in, shot of girls swimming. Sounds and shots of children playing in water and splashes. Shots of Mum cleaning in caravan. Narrator say Dad switch to taking photographs in Botanical Gardens, gvs and close-ups of the gardens and flowers. Shot of Rusty the family dog in her basket with two puppies. The End