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Reference number: 9303

Date: 1950sc

Director: filmed by Dr Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 5.10 mins

Description: The tables are turned on a teacher in this lighthearted story film made by members of the Scottish Amateur Association of Cinematographers during a weekend at Strathearn Hydro, Crieff.

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1955.
Paper record held at 2/3/42.

Credits: SAAC Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers Commended 1954

produced by members of the SAAC during a weekend at Strathearn Hydro, Crieff

Shotlist: (0.00) [SAAC Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers Commended 1954] (0.09) title and opening credit (0.30)

Shot of a woman and three children (including girls played by Margot and Avril Dunnachie) in a room. A man comes in and takes Avril to a table to do a shape recognition activity with some blocks. Shot of the man and then Avril putting blocks into their correct holes in the box. The woman speaks to the man and while his back is turned Avril opens the box’s lid and sneaks the rest of the blocks in the container. The man lets her go and another child (the boy) sits down at the table. He gets a pencil, rubber and a clothes peg out of his pocket and dismantles the peg. The man looks at the peg and tries to put it back together. He quickly gives up and looks at the boy and then the boy goes back to the woman and Margot takes his place. The man holds up a piece of paper with some shapes on it and gestures to a page indicating for Margot to draw them (?)
Shot of Margo drawing the shapes.
Shot of the boy playing with the peg.
Shot of the man speaking with Margo, he goes away from the table and Margo takes a page from the man’s pile of papers. Margot is shown drawing or writing on the page.
Shot of the boy with a peg on his nose. The woman removes the peg. Shot of Margot writing “Ass” on the page which she then covers up.
Shot of the man looking at two drawings of shapes (comparing Margot’s with the original?). The boy goes up to Margo and gives her something. The man comes over and shows Margot the papers with the shapes. Margot seen doing something behind the man’s back. The man goes over to speak to the woman, as he goes out the door, a page can be see attached to his jacket. Close up of page as the man closes the door. The paper saying “I am an ass” which was written by Margot is pegged to the back of the man’s suit jacket. The End