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Reference number: 9291

Date: 1955*

Director: filmed by Dr. Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.09 mins

Description: The simple pleasures of a family trip to Dornoch in the 1950s. Features the Cathedral, and local shops.

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1956, family category.

Shotlist: Iain Dunnachie presents General view of street with car driving down it. Shop sign: “Restaurants, Ices, Fish & Chips”. Car registration RGO 376. Four children get out of the car; go down a side alley and into the “Dornoch Dairy” (0.45) Shot of a girl (Margot Dunnachie) staring into a shop window. Shot of the shop window which has a sign for “hot Oxo served here”. Margot is shown licking her lips. Shot of another shop window with a sign for “Ices and minerals” (1.03) Shot of the four children and a woman (Mrs Dunnachie) coming out of the shop. Shot of children eating ice cream including Avril and Robin (?) Dunnachie (1.41) title (1.46) shot of car (RGO 376) driving. Four children get out. A woman (Mrs Dunnachie) opens the car boot and removes some tennis rackets and a bucket and spade (2.21) The woman is shown walking along a street with Dornoch Cathedral in the background. The woman looks into a shop window with “Walls” and “Kellogs” foodstuffs on display. The woman (Mrs Dunnachie?) enters the shop (2.43) shot of Dornoch Cathedral (2.52) Shot of the four children entering “The Café”. Shot of someone opening a coin purse, taking out money and getting change back. Shot of the four children eating ice lollies (3.48) shot of the woman (Mrs Dunnachie?) looking in more shop windows (4.03) shot of a field with cars and caravans parked in it and the children running around (4.23) shot of two children (Margot and Robin) running up to a caravan and looking into an open window. A woman is shown sitting up and looking out from the same window. The children enter the caravan and the woman chases them back out again. Robin drops his bucket so goes back to get it and the woman gives him some sweets (5.00) shot of the two older girls walking through the fields, carrying tennis racquets, past some cars and running down to the beach (5.41) they sit on a rock and toss a ball to one another (5.32) shot of cakes, a shop window with “Dorothy Gray” cosmetics, shop window with “Cranford” sweets, and “Clarnico peppermint creams”. Shot of woman (Mrs Dunnachie?) licking her lips. Shop of “Fullers cakes sign”. Shot of women’s clothing in a shop window, including knitted cardigans (6.36) shot of Margot and Robin running to the beach. Shot of them digging a hole in the sand. Another boy comes to help. Shot of the children paddling in the water filled hole they have dug. Shot of the other two girls running towards them (9.03) shot of the Cathedral. Shot of Mrs Dunnachie entering the Cathedral and shot of sign “Church of Scotland Dornoch Cathedral. Founded by St Gilbert, Bishop of Caithness 1224. Services Sunday 12-noon, evening 1st, 3rd & 5th Sunday of Month 6-pm. Minister- Rev. William MG Edgar, MA. Session- Clerk, John Maclean, Bank of Scotland. Beadle, John Munro, Tordarroch.” (9.41) Interior GVs of abbey. Shot of statue of the 1st Duke of Sutherland (9.55) shot of Mrs Dunnachie standing at the top of the Cathedral. Aerial shots of grave yard, the town and the landscape (10.36) shot of the children playing with the tennis ball and racket. Shot of Mrs Dunnachie joining in (11.53) The End (11.59)