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Reference number: 9281

Date: 1954*

Director: filmed by Dr Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.57 mins

Description: An affectionate home movie of the Dunnachie family at Christmas in the 1950s.

Shotlist: Shot of man hammering a nail into the wall while standing on a ladder. Shot of boy (Robin) copying the man. Man hammers his thumb. Shot of his thumb being bandaged. Woman (Mrs Dunnachie) bandaging man’s hand kisses him. Boy also bashes his thumb. Shot of the boys hand being bandaged. The man and boy compare their bandaged hands. Shot of the boy decorating a Christmas tree. Shot of the man decorating a larger Christmas tree. Shot of boy sitting on the man’s knee being read to. Shot of boy walking up marble stairs. They boy is met by Santa Claus half way up the stairs. Shot of the boy playing with a toy train. Shot of Santa and the boy playing with a toy car. Shot of boy and Santa going into a Wendy House. Shot of them exiting the Wendy House. Shot of Santa and the boy walking through a toy shop “Wylie Hills Great Toy Extension”. Shot of the boy using a toy cine camera “Peak Cine Movie Films”. Shot of the boy unwinding film from around his neck. Shot of boy in a toy car being pushed by Santa. Shot of the boy on a rocking horse. Shot of the boy in the car being given presents by two girls in costumes. Shot of two girls (Avril and Margot) and the boy (Robin) in their beds on Christmas morning. The children see the presents at the end of their beds and open them. The children hold up their presents to show one another and open more presents. Margot holds up the toy train she received for Christmas. Avril puts on the perfume she received and Robin plays with a toy cigarette and lighter. Shot of a balloon with writing on it XMAS PARTY Shot of man and a woman (Mr and Mrs Dunnachie) and an older woman. Mr and Mrs Dunnachie give Robin presents to give out. Shot of the children and the adults opening their presents. More shots of the party and people opening presents. Shot of Robin playing with a toy train. Shot of Avril putting on a cloak. Shot of Mrs Dunnachie holding up her new apron.