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  • Perth and Perthshire


  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur


  • Birrell, Harry


  • 1950s

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Title: CURE!, the

Reference number: 9276

Date: 1953*

Director: filmed by Dr. Iain Dunnachie

Sound: silent

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.26 mins

Description: An amusing take on how to relax and unwind, made by members of the Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematographers on their film-making weekend away in Crieff.

Credits: Scottish Association of Amateur Cinematogaphers SAAC commended 1954.

Produced by members of the SAAC during a weekend at Strathearn Hydro, Crieff.

with Harry Birrell, Joan Birrell, Jean McLay, A.J. McLay

Shotlist: SCOTTISH ASSOCIATION OF AMATEUR CINEMATOGRAPHERS. SAAC COMMENDED 1954 [opening credits] Shot of a man having his breathing checked by a doctor in the doctor’s office. The doctor then checks the man’s ears. Shot of patient going behind a screen in the office. The doctor is then shown writing in a paper pad. The patient comes back out and sits in a chair in front of the doctor’s desk. Shot of the doctor who says: “YOU’RE OVERDOING THINGS”. “YOU NEED TO RELAX MORE”. “WHY NOT TAKE UP FISHING? Shot of the patient stroking his chin, thinking. Shot of a river. Shot of a fish in the water. Shot of a man fishing and catching a fish. The man is shown bringing up the fish and putting it in his bag. Back to the patient thinking. AND SO NEXT MORNING The man is shown walking along a country path with a fishing rod. He climbs over a fence and walks down a hill. The man slips and slides down the hill. He then gets up, wipes down his trousers and continues walking towards a stream. The man puts down his bag and puts his rod together. The man tries to cast his fishing line into the stream, fails and tries again. As he is casting the fish hook it gets caught on his jacket. The man frees the hook and tries again. Shot of the man walking along a path with his rod. He stops and asks a man walking past where to fish. The man says: “TRY RIVER FISHING” The patient then walks on and into a house. Shot of the patient again trying to fish in a different location where he is shown repeatedly trying to cast his line. This time, the net gets caught in a tree. The man frees the hook, wades into the stream and stands on a rock. He repeatedly tries to cast the line as he wades further into the stream. The man then wades to the other side of the stream and lies down on the grassy bank. The man takes off his welly and empties out the water as a fish that somehow got into his welly comes out too. The man chases the fish to the bank where it escaped back into water. The man walks back up onto the bank, picks up his wellies and his rod and walks off. Shot of the patient on a street talking to two women who are cutting a hedge. “MY FATHER’S A LOCH FISHER” One of the women gestures to indicate the size of the fish the father caught. The patient walks on. Shot of the patient with his fishing rod getting into a rowing boat. He tries to untie the boat and falls into the boat. The man then rows away. He falls backwards, drops one of the ores into the water, manages to retrieve it and continues to row. The man then stands up and tries to fish. The man continues to try and cast his line but ends up falling into the river and is shown swimming to shore. Shot of the man in bed coughing. The doctor listens to his chest. The doctor sits down and takes his temperature and says: “YOU’RE OVERDOING THINGS”. “YOU NEED TO RELAX MORE”. “WHY NOT TAKE UP GOLF” The doctor stands up, does a golfing action as the patient covers his head with the blanket. THE END (12.36)