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Reference number: 9127

Date: 1993

Director: d. Gillian Steel

Sponsor: Scottish Film Council, Scottish Television, Glasgow District Council

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 5.10 mins

Description: An experimental film in the form of a riddle by artist Gillian Steel.

See also ref. 8090 for 'First Reels' interview with film-maker Gillian Steel concerning the making of this film.

Credits: camera Louise Crawford
asst. camera Graham Johnstone
visual effects Adam Gill
sd. Mike Kelly
mix Philip Crean
cast Morag Niellson
voice Shona Price
botanical illustrator Jonah Homes-Grant
ed. Lindy Cameron
special thanks Technicolor Laboratories, Derek Gibson of Videamus, Kevin Hobbs, Tron Theatre, Professor Winfield, Barry McGhee, Street Level Gallery, cast & crew

Shotlist: Explanatory notes from interview footage with director Gillian Steel [see also ref {8090}]

Discusses: "I wanted to make a film about how something subtle in the environment can effect a physical change in the body and in turn affect the way that we feel & act". The character wants to escape from that particular element, sometimes hallucinating, and growing eccentric. She wanted the film to have a particular pulse, loop, external rhythms in the world can affect our lives - for example Winter and it's short days against the frantic energy of Spring returning. The film is a riddle, with the central character giving clues. The answer to the riddle is given at end of film when the word 'light' is spoken and the light goes out. The film features the ordinary mixed with the bizarre so animation techniques are used, time lapse and masks on film without the use of hi-tech equipment. Film-maker physically applied the look to the film, hand treated about 2000 frames. She liked having a restricted amount of money and basic equipment - to push this to the limit, getting something from very little. Favourite bit of film? Where she is floating in water supposedly in control and has light reflecting on palm of her hand.