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Title: FAITHFUL 1974

Reference number: 9108

Date: 1974

Director: filmed by J.D. Souter

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 31.37 mins

Description: Amateur footage of fishing boats at sea from the trawler 'Faithful', boats in Peterhead harbour, and family film of a wedding at Hopeman, a holiday at Fleetwood and a day trip to the Isle of Man.

Shotlist: [no title] - shots of young children playing on grass in back garden of house, hitting each other, then chasing round front garden on to street - shots of other children in and around garden, posing for camera - children and parents with baby at doorway - children playing on stone crocodile sculpture in street (3.45) gvs of wedding group outside Hopeman Baptist Church - gvs bride and groom at doorway, guests coming out of church - bride and groom, best man and bridesmaids pose at doorway for photographs - guests milling around outside, bridal car and taxis waiting, guests board coach - tracking shot, men wave as car departs - shots of guests walking down street, arriving for reception (7.07) c/u television screen showing opening sequence to ITV Sport World Cup 1974 programme (7.59) shots of woman and children playing in back garden - c/u shots baby - girls in best clothes playing with toddler in garden (9.49) shots from fishing boat 'Faithful' at sea - l/shots fishing boat OB.145 Crystal Sea - l/s Seven Sons off Isle of Man - shots of INS.61 Silver Gem coming through Laggan Locks on Caledonian Canal - more shots at sea, l/s Russian trawler - shots on deck of INS.38 Faithful, shooting the net - l/shots Russian factory ship at sea - shots at sea, trawlers Oceana and Salamis passing in rough sea (14.20) gvs in Peterhead harbour, including KY.337 Argonaut, BF211 Copious, INS.121 Kestrel, INS.8 Adventurer (15.22) shots at sea, PD.94 Fidelia, Ocean Star - brief shot on board Faithful, crew member mending net (16.03) gvs Peterhead harbour, FR.100 Achieve reversing, BCK.87 Silver Spray, BCK.86 Lynn Marie, BF.135 Crystal Tide (17.29) shots at sea: oil rig in distance, fishing boat passing, PD.109 Fruitful Bough passing close - long dusk shot of boat passing (20.52) shot of small motor yacht at sea in summer - gvs on family holiday, shots at Marineland at Morecambe, crocodiles in pool, young girl waving to camera - gvs of dolphins performing in pool, shaking hands, collecting hoops, jumping through hoops, playing with inflatable dice, sitting on pool edge to be fed, flicking beach balls (25.03) c/u shop windows, 'Lewis's Summer Toy Fair', moving displays of toys, including Barbie, Action Man, Britains, Meccano - shot of fishing boat in bay - shots from ferry of sands, promenade, pier at Fleetwood - fishing boat passing - shots of family on deck - other Fleetwood trawlers passing - gvs coastline from boat (29.06) shots of passengers disembarking from Isle of Man Steam Packet ferry 'King Orry' at pier - gvs of Douglas, Isle of Man - horse trams featuring advert for a Ken Dodd show, gvs Douglas Bay and St. Mary's Isle - shot of ferry - shot of young girl on deck - shots from ferry returning, past jetty and fishing boats, lighthouse (31.37)