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  • Dundee


  • Amateur
  • Comedy


  • 1960s

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Title: SUCKERS, the

Reference number: 9027

Date: 1963c

Director: filmed by George Gibson; W.P. Urquhart; J. Hennessy; J.C. Dow

Production company: Tay Valley Film Unit

Sound: sound

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Fiction

Running time: 9.25 mins

Description: Amateur film club comedy, in which a bored housewife buys a new vacuum cleaner from a door-to-door salesman. Her husband is annoyed at her for buying too much from salesmen at the door, but when a glamorous woman comes to the door, he is conned into buying back their old vacuum cleaner from her.

Film-maker was George Gibson, a keen amateur and a member of a cine club in Dundee at the time.

Credits: production team George Gibson, W.P. Urquhart, J. Hennessy, J.C. Dow
cast E. Gibson (wife); J.C. Dow (husband); G. Gibson (first salesman); W.P. Urquhart (second salesman); J. Hennessey (third salesman); A. Dow (saleslady)

Shotlist: TAY VALLEY FILM UNIT Presents - animated title and credits - domestic scene, woman vacuuming living room, man sitting in chair reading paper, man departs - vacuum cleaner breaks, woman annoyed, sits down to read paper, lights cigarette (1.07) car parks outside house - salesman knocks on door and brings in Electrolux vacuum cleaner to demonstrate - he plays trick with a coin over the nozzle to show that new cleaner has better suction - woman buys new cleaner and salesman takes away old model - husband returns home and they argue about new vacuum cleaner (3.08) scene at breakfast table - husband leaves for work, wife clears dishes, then sits at table reading fashion magazine - encyclopaedia salesman comes to door and gets foot in, sells set of 'Children's Britannica' to woman - woman sits by fire reading encyclopaedia, husband returns from work and they argue about the encyclopaedias (4.37) scene in bedroom, woman making bed - husband leaves for work and woman agrees not to buy anything else - 'Indian' salesman arrives at door and offers scarves for sale - woman returns to living room and hides scarves in cupboard (5.53) man and woman in living room together, man goes to cupboard - c/u of bingo advert in newspaper - man brings out bottle of whisky and glass, woman puts on coat to go to bingo - man drinks whisky and reads magazine - glamorous saleswoman comes to door, adjusts her suspender belt, man invites her in, carries in her box - he offers her a drink and she demonstrates vacuum cleaner by playing same trick with coin on nozzle - man buys cleaner and saleswoman leaves (8.22) wife returns home to find that husband has bought back their old National vacuum cleaner - she shouts at her husband, who picks up the whisky bottle and starts drinking from it - animated THE END - ecs (9.25)