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Reference number: 8960

Date: 1950c

Director: filmed by Samuel Miller

Sponsor: Ayrshire Education Authority

Production company: Ayrshire County Council

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 11.47 mins

Description: "Scenes from the Ayrshire/Lanarkshire Summer School for young musicians held at West Linton." Children play in elementary, junior and senior orchestras, with views of morning service and leisure activities in the camp.

Credits: ph. Samuel Miller

Shotlist: [Shotlisted from speed corrected .avi file using VLC media player]

black (.04) ocsĀ (.16) Title (.20) Scenes from the Ayrshire/Lanarkshire Summer School for young musicians held at West Linton (.29) ocs (.37) man rings bell through Broomlee camp (1.09) c/u clock showing 7:30; man rings bell at open door of dormitory; c/u boy wakes up and rubs his eyes (1.44) pan boys brushing teeth, scrubbing necks; ms boy combing hair before a mirror (2.05) The Morning Service (2.10) gv's same, with hymns sung to small string group (3.36) The Elementary Orchestra (3.40) ints. children playing violins, bowed and pizzicato; ms music teacher conducting (4.32) gv's children playing outdoors intercut c/u's conductress, children and part for "Drap O' Scotch" (5.23) man rings bell (5.36) The Tuck Shop (5.39) gv's children queuing, boys walking away with bottles of lemonade (6.16) The Junior Orchestra (6.21) ints. practice; exts. Junior Orchestra walking along a path with their instruments, then playing outside; brief shot senior orchestra conductor listening on bench (8.16) The Senior Orchestra (8.19) gv's conductor working with senior orchestra intercut c/u's players (9.37) exts. man walks with ball to bell and rings it (9.49) The Games Period (9.54) gv's boys basketball game; rounders (10.50) The Staff Quintet (10.55) gv's quintet with violin, viola, cello and two double basses (11.47)