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  • 1990s

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Reference number: 8926

Date: 1996

Director: d. Rae R Duncan

Sponsor: North Ayrshire Council Department of Education

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 23.30 mins

Description: Promotional video for North Ayrshire Council's bilingual support service. Primary and secondary school pupils with non-English speaking parents learn English in dedicated classes held in Bilingual Unit at Auchenharvie Academy, Stevenston and also in St Palladius Primary School. Includes interviews of parents and adult classes.

Credits: prod. and ed. Brian H Green

with thanks to-
Staff, Students, Pupils and Parents-
Bilingual Support Service
Marwyn Johnston Senior Teacher
Irene Clark
Catriona Nardini
Moira Shanks

Christine Tsang Ethnic Development Worker
North Ayrshire Council
Social Work
Black & Ethnic Minority Group
Oi Kwan Woman's Group
Staff & Pupils Auchenharvie Academy, St Palladius Primary

North Ayrshire Council Community & Recreational Services
North Ayrshire Council Social Work Directorate Elliot House

Voice over English
S.6 Ardrossan Academy

Voice over Chinese
Ethnic Development Worker

produced & ed. BRIAN H. GREEN
Audio Visual Service
d. RAE R. DUNCAN Head of Services Bilingual Support Service

Shotlist: black (.31) gv's children of various ages completing reading exercises intercut brief clips Chinese dances (2.21) ints. Christine Tsang answering phone in English, switching to Chinese; c/u sign "Elliot House" (2.36) ms CT and unid. woman discuss sending out a bilingual report (2.52) THE BILINGUAL SUPPORT SERVICE [pan Auchenharvie Academy] (3.05) gv's teacher and three children work with flashcards (3.42) EARLY YEARS (3.48) gv's small groups of children completing word exercises intercut i/v unid. man [translation in v/o] (4.51) close shots children match pictures to words; ints. classroom (5.15) gv's English lesson in form of a P.E. class (5.58) c/u small girl reading as teacher indicates each word; children working with flash cards (6.42) close shots two girls work with BBC Micro program (6.59) iv's mother and father (7.37) PRIMARY (7.42) close shots reading exercises (8.36) gv's children work at numeracy (8.56) c/u boy working with computer (9.23) ms teenager (9.35) SECONDARY (9.39) iv's teenagers speak about the advantage of the class, brief shots using class resources (10.46) Biology class (10.56) OUTREACH (11.01) gv's unid. girl's participation in normal Biology class with assistance of language teacher Mrs Clark, intercut i/v with girl about working with the Language Unit (12.38) exts. Mrs Shanks walking into St. Palladius Primary School; ints. greeted by class (13.04) gv's language class; Mrs Clark looks at boy's writing and asks him to read a news paper clipping he brought in (14.35) iv unid woman about learning English (14.50) PARENTS' CLASSES (14.55) gv's same intercut iv's class members (17.20) brief iv's adults attending Language Unit (18.13) i/v music student who uses piano (18.44) COMMUNITY EDUCATION (18.47) c/u sign "Focus Community Learning Centre Saltcoats" (18.48) series of stills illustrating Mandarin classes (18.59) c/u fingers on piano (19.05) iv unid. woman (19.55) COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT WORKER (20.02) exts. Elliot House (20.13) gv's. CT in her office; close shots discussion between CT and colleague about arranging translations (21.34) iv Christine Tsang (22.01) brief shots practice and performance Chinese fan dance (22.22) ecs [intercut performances Oi Kwan women's group and Raymond's Kung Fu Club] (23.30)