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Title: McLACHLAN SAGA Reel 1, the

Reference number: 8807

Date: 1934c - 1949

Director: [filmed by Don McLachlan]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 66.47 mins

Description: The first instalment of the history of Don McLachlan's family, starting from early family photographs of life in Singapore in the early 20th century to family home movies from the 1930s to 1949 - includes film of boating holidays, wartime, family events and friends.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from VHS - burnt-in time code]

[b/w] title - started by DON McLACHLAN - SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE - shots of photograph album with old postcards of Singapore, McLachlan family photos - SINGAPORE 1914 30th NOV. COLIN DONALD MURRAY McLACHLAN BORN - photos of Don as a baby and his parents in Singapore (1.09) WE SAIL TO SEATTLE USA BUT STOP OFF AT HONG KONG AND VISIT THE PEAK - photos in album - LIGHT ENTERTAINMENT AT CANTON CHINA. HEAD CHOPPING IN SIDE STREET - photos in album - [black] - photos of family wedding, holidays at Tighnabruaich, houses in Glasgow (2.12) Our Boats... - photos of dinghy, 'Sambo', 'Redskin', 'Dot & Carry One', 'Catherine', 'Malaya' (4.15) MARGARET CAMPBELL McLELLAN JOINS US ... - c/u shot of Margaret wearing sailor's hat - family photos of Margaret as a girl - [black] (5.04) footage of re-launch of motor yacht 'Malaya' at McAllister's Yard at Dumbarton, boat pulled down slipway into water, Denny's shipyard in background - shots of Malaya on speed trials on firth, mooring with Shandon Hydro in background - shots of Malaya refuelling at Bridge's Yard on Gare Loch (8.53) shots of Malaya on firth - shots of Bob Davidson being washed on deck, dinghy being lowered, Allen McLachlan and friends row ashore for supplies - footage of Dorothy McLachlan rowing dinghy ashore with Margaret - Margaret posing for camera - shots of Dorothy and Bob in rowing boats - shots on board Malaya on Clyde on sunny day, gramophone playing, crew relaxing, passing Toward lighthouse - shots approaching pier at Rothesay (12.35) Allen, Francis and others swimming at Toward Bay - family and friends relaxing on Malaya - dolphins leaping nearby - shots of Malaya on trip to Lamlash - shots of Captain Sinclair of Anchor Line and his wife on board with the McLachlans, crew members relaxing in sun - shots of Sinclairs and crew leaving on dinghy - gvs on board Malaya: Mr. McLachlan caulking deck, Dorothy and Margaret and friends relaxing, Margaret assembling tripod [col] (16.08) 1936 FIRST KODAK COLOUR FILM ... - shots from Malaya approaching Tarbert, family and friends on deck - leaving Tarbert, family posing and relaxing on deck, sunset - c/u shots of family members drinking tea on deck (18.21) shots of trip to Islay, Margaret and relative Islay McEachern visiting McEachern family on farm, gvs of Mull of Oa, shots of family members, farm buildings - shots of Margaret, Islay and McEachern family at boarding house (19.51) Mr. McLachlan and boy learning to row on Gare Loch, laid up ships in background - shots on Malaya moored off Castle Lachlan on Loch Fyne - shots of Sinclair and McLachlan families on board (21.03) [b/w] shots of Don McLachlan and student colleagues in lecture room studying for final design exams in 1939 (22.21) shots of school rugby match - shot of car outside house, brief shot of house windows taped at start of war (22.44) [col] shots of McLachlan family and friends throwing snowballs in the garden, Allen in naval uniform (23.40) [b/w] gvs of the Tail of the Bank, with HMS Nelson, HMS Rodney, the Queen Elizabeth and tracking shots past HMS Sheffield - l/shots of Queen Elizabeth being pulled along the Clyde by tugs in wartime grey (25.06) A Tribute to Wartime Production - newsreel film of King George VI and the Queen visiting Templeton's factory in Glasgow - black (26.42) [col] When you and I were young MAGGIE 1942 - shots of baby Fiona McLachlan leaving nursing home, in pram at house at Ralston - shots in garden of McGillivrays' house in Airdrie in summer, snowball fighting in winter - Margaret and Fiona with Given family in garden, Don holding Fiona - McGillivrays visiting McLachlans for Fiona's first birthday in 1943, everyone eating birthday cake (32.10) shots of Fiona in bath - shots of summer visit to Professor Swanson's house in Balfron, Fiona and other children playing in garden (33.49) shots at Christie's farm, Jim Christie on tractor, Fiona playing on tractor (34.19) [b/w] int shots in house, Fiona walking for first time (35.32) [col] shots of Fiona walking along pavement outside house, visit by Don's parents, Fiona playing with toy train - shots of Don in army uniform and Allen in naval officer's uniform - summer shots of Fiona playing outside house, Don in officer's uniform - shots in garden of house in Ralston, Fiona playing with doll, visit by Don's parents, Dorothy and Allen, c/u shots of everyone - [black] (39.21) [b/w] sequence of wartime newsreel? footage of Allied landings in France, armies advancing through Europe, aerial bombardment, The Rhine - March 1945 - smokescreens on road, landing craft, tanks on river - [black] (40.42) shots of cover of Daily Record announcing VE Day, Margaret and Fiona relaxing in garden in Stirling, playing with Union flag - shots of army officers outside house - int shots in house, Christmas 1945, Margaret and Fiona with train set, opening other presents - shots of Fiona posing for camera at bedtime (44.49) [col] When you and I were a bit older MAGGIE 1947 - shots of baby Colin coming home from Norwood Nursing Home - shots at new house at Stamperland Drive, Glasgow: Fiona's 5th birthday party, Margaret and the McGillivrays having tea in the garden, Colin in pram - shots of Fiona leaving house with friend for first day at school - shots of Margaret and children in garden - gvs of house, children and neighbours attending Colin's first birthday party in garden (50.37) int shots of Colin being bathed - shots of Fiona's 6th birthday party in garden - shots of family and friends trip to Prestwick Airport, shots of Douglas DC-6? and Scottish Airlines Dakota G-AGZG and De Havilland Rapide G-AKSF on runway, families walking around (53.09) shots of families relaxing on beach at Troon?, children paddling, playing on sand - shots of fathers and children pushing prams along street (54.56) shots of Allen and Irene on visit, in countryside with Rover 14 car, playing in garden with dog - Don's Uncle Tom visits from America, family trip to Prestwick, playing on the beach, tea at the Dutch House at Monkton (57.05) family gathering at McLachlan house and at Glasgow Central Station, to see off Don's parents and Dorothy on trip to Australia, family wave as train departs (58.04) A DAY IN THEIR LIVES - short film about a day at the seaside - shots of Stamperland Drive house, children waking up, having breakfast - "WHAT A LOVELY DAY LET'S GO TO THE COAST!" - shots of family packing the car, Don driving off, travelling along country road - children get out of car at beach, Colin runs around with white sunglasses - A LONE PROSPECTOR ON A SANDY WASTE - shots of children playing on beach - Margaret's family walking along promenade - JOY RIDES - shots of children in Donald Duck cart pulled by pony along beach - shots of 'Donald Duck' DUKW vehicle taking people on trip - BY LUNCH TIME IT WAS REALLY WARM - shots of Margaret, Don and children playing on beach and in water, Colin drinking lemonade - the car is packed up and they return home - WOT! NO BATHING COSTUME THIS TIME? - shots of Colin bathing in kitchen sink, playing in garden - AND SO TO BED (65.13) gvs of Stamperland Avenue house in winter, family throwing snowballs outside - shots of snow-covered rooftops and view to Carmunnock (66.47)