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  • Fife


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Religion


  • Amateur


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 8780

Date: 1931-1934, 1935*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.43 mins

Description: Family fun in the sun on Elie beach and around the garden at home during the interwar years. Includes some footage of the Children’s Special Service Mission (the predecessor of what is now known as Scripture Union).

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Shotlist: gvs donkey rides on Elie beach (0.07) gvs paddling in the sea, children having a lot of fun (0.47) little girl and boy sitting splashing their legs at the edge of the sea (0.58) gvs family at the beach, including Dad (?) wearing a dressing gown, little boy pulling funny faces to camera (1.33) family shot, grandparents sitting on deckchairs with mum and dad, the three children and the dog (1.58) July 1932 gvs children enjoy donkey rides on a busy Elie beach (2.35) gvs people in front of wooden beach huts (2.46) gvs busy sea people paddling and splashing (3.11) girls going into beach hut (3.19) gvs garden scenes, family watching women riding on bicycles across the grass (3.33) brief shot organ grinder standing in a street with a monkey perched on the back of a horse (3.43) gvs family paddling in the sea, includes people diving from rocks, doing handstands in the sea (4.32) little boy riding a donkey on the beach (4.48) very brief shot man reading newspaper in garden (4.49) ' CSSM Many Happy Returns 1868 - 1931' banner. gvs Children’s Special Service Mission seaside mission and man making a speech to huge crowds on beach (5.10) A group of children riding donkeys on Elie beach (5.25) gvs children playing in garden (putting green?), roly polys, handstands, leapfrog (5.53) children digging big holes in the sand on the beach as mum and dad enjoy reading the paper and a smoke nearby (6.08) little toddler being encouraged to walk to camera by nanny in the garden (6.18) gvs children on beach three girls and boy splashing and dancing and paddling (I7.15) boy enjoying donkey ride on beach (7.38) brief shot paddling (7.40) girl practicing her golf swing, girl and boy walk along with their clubs in bags (7.51) jumping over the big waves on the shore (8.12) donkey rides on Elie beach (8.31) Sunny Days Are Here Again July 1934 family play in a canoe, on a beautifully calm sea (9.13 children playing in the sea, playing 'Ring a Ring a Roses' game (9.41) gvs canoe, man and two children (9.53) gvs adults in sea (10.11) children posing for camera on rocks (10.25) gvs seaside mission 'CSSM 1867 - 1934', crowds on beach, the man making a speech is standing on a huge sandcastle, a girl plays organ nearby. A cake is cut towards the end of the sequence (11.18) two little boys climb rocks, watched by two ladies (12.28) brief view looking out to sea (12.36) family pose on the rocks (12.50) children run towards the camera across a grass path, mum and dad join in the fun too (13.07) children having tea in a garden, sitting at wooden chairs and table (13.17) three boys sitting on a milk cart pulled by a horse as the milkman makes his deliveries [possibly 'Grangehill Creamery' written on the side of cart?] (13.40) exts Marischal College, Aberdeen (14.01) pan across the bay, Aberdeen harbour (?)(14.07) family playing in the sea on a rather cold looking day (14.49) older couple seated on deck chairs watching the children play at the beach - probably elderly grandparents (14.58) children playing on some rocks, girl is wearing smart school blazer (15.14) older couple waking across the sand, lady wearing fur lined collar coat (15.43)