sailing ship ' Herzogin Cecilie'

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Title: sailing ship ' Herzogin Cecilie'

Reference number: 8775

Date: 1935*

Director: filmed by Mr Martin Snr

Sound: silent

Colour: b/w

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.45 mins

Description: The sailing ship 'Herzogin Cecilie' between Belfast and Finland.

See also this film concerning the wreckage of this same windjammer, preserved by South West Film and Television Archive: [last accessed 09/07/2020]

Shotlist: Reel 1
Voyage from Belfast to Finland in the Wind Jammer "Herzogin Cecilie". Belfast docks showing "Killoran" unloading grain and passengers arriving.(.07) sailing ships at Belfast docks. (.22) Cargo sacks are hoisted from the ship. (.34) view of the docks taken from a crow's nest. (1.07) view looking down on the cargo as it is unloaded. (1.12) c/u of name plate "Killoran" built by Ailsa Shipbuilding Co Troon 1900. (1.17) View of the sailing ship from the dock, panning down from the rigging to the bow (1.38) A small group of men and women smiling at the camera on the dock, one man is possibly wearing a Captain's hat. (1.48) View of the docks. Man with a rucksack walking along the dock to the ship. He boards the ship. (2.59) Men carrying supplies onboard. (3.08) Group of men boarding the ship. (3.26) c/u of ship's name "Herzogin Cecilie". (3.31) Bending and Setting Sail in the Lough. Departure. (3.35) Sailors make ready and hoist the main sail. (5.35) c/u of the anchor as it is raised. (5.48) View of the sailing ship at sea in full sail taken from another vessel. (6.51) Man climbing up a rope from the anchor at the side of the ship as she sails. View of the anchor as it is brought parallel to the deck. (7.59) Brief view of land in the distance. Views of the sails and Ship's figure head taken from the bow. Man steering the ship. (9.53) Officers using sextants. (10.02) passengers joining the ship from a rowing boat and climbing a rope ladder up the hull. (10.41) view of the sunset through the sails. (11.02) view of the deck (11.09) Work on the Braces off Elsinore. (11.13) Men working together to pull on a variety of ropes on the ship (12.31) out of focus shot (12.40)

Reel 2
A Gale in the Baltic. Taking in and stowing sail, at 14 Knots. (.07) Various shots of the sailors working on the rigging and on the sail masts as the ship is at sea. Shots vary from c/u's of the men working on specific areas to wider shots of the ship in full sail and sailors working together to pull the ropes. (4.26) c/u of a sailor snoozing on deck. (4.28) View from high on the main sail of the other masts on the ship. (4.44) Man working out on the edge of the mast. (5.12) view from the mast looking directly down on the deck. (5.20) men painting a small section of the deck. (5.38) Men cleaning on deck. (5.59) View of the bow ploughing through the water (6.21) Men working together to wind a rope. (6.39) L/s from a sailing ship taking from another vessel. (7.10) Tacking ship. Work seen from jigger top. (7.15) view of the sailors working on deck. (7.39) Man climbing a mast (7.54) view looking down on the sailor's as they work on deck. (8.25) Arriving at Nystad for repairs. ('Kylemore' in Background). (8.29) view of a bay taken from the mast of a ship. (8.57) Marieham Home Port of the Erickson Fleet, Showing Prompt, Olivebank, Penang, Pestalozzi, L'Avenir, Winterhude, Passat and Pommern at Anchor. (9.07) Sailing ships at anchor in a bay. Silhouette of two sailors walking along the rigging to the mast. (10.38) Ships at anchor in a bay. (11.02) The End. (11.05)