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Reference number: 8693

Date: 1948* - 1952*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 30.35 mins

Description: Amateur footage filmed over several years of groups of Lifeboys and Brownies from Glasgow going on trips to Girvan, Rothesay and Millport.

Shotlist: [no title] [BW] gvs of boys playing in water on sunny day at Kames Bay, Millport - gvs of Lifeboys playing football on grass in front of houses - shots in garden of woman awarding prizes to Lifeboys, who salute her (1.13) shots from stern of steamer leaving pier - shots of group of Lifeboys on pier - brief shot of women and children outside house - [black] - shots of boys' football games on playing field - shots of Lifeboys, Boys Brigade and Brownies gathering on street for parade - shots of parade led by Boys Brigade pipe band, followed by other youth organisation groups - shot of party carrying Union flag along road - shots of Boys Brigade group and pipe band performing drill in street and marching past (3.27) shots of procession of youth organisation groups along roads on rainy day - groups march towards church, then march past minister and flags - more groups approach church gate (5.13) underexposed shots of baby - [black] (5.30) [COL] shots of men and women relaxing on deck chairs at beach - shots of two boys' football teams lined up for camera, shots of football game and group shots after game - group shots of adult helpers - shot of boys lined up for group shot in sea (7.34) shots of women and man on deck of steamer leaving Rothesay pier, lines of milk churns and people waving on pier - gvs of Lifeboys and helpers on deck as steamer sails up Clyde (8.23) gvs of cows in field - shots of two young girls playing in park and on swings - [black] (9.16) [BW] shots of Union flag on pole - shots of platform on playing fields with youth organisation officials and woman playing harmonium - shots of Lifeboys marching past, flag-raising ceremony, singing - shots of running races, sack race, officials, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, football match - underexposed shots of march past and drill - shots of awards ceremony, Lifeboys approaching platform - gvs of ranks of Lifeboys, flag being lowered (15.55) shots of Brownies, Cubs and Lifeboys coming out of building and being driven off in Northern Scottish coaches [black] (16.32) [COL] gvs boys and girls playing in water on beach, Ailsa Craig in background (18.17) shots of Life boys and Brownies sports day in park in Girvan, including egg and spoon race, three-legged race, hopping, running backwards, sack race, skipping, circle games, football - shot of organisers having picnic on grass - shots of Brownies, Lifeboys and helpers posing for group photograph (22.08) shots of prize-giving ceremony for children, coaches in background - shots of group of organisers - shots of children playing and organisers in Stair Park, Girvan, McCracken fountain in background - shots of Union flag flying - [black] (23.45) [BW] shots of Lifeboys' day out and sports in park, including football, races - shot of group of Lifeboys eating ice cream cones (25.19) shots of group of boys playing on beach and in water - shots in garden of Lifeboys receiving prizes. and group shots of boys and helpers (26.46) shots of Lifeboys, helpers and captain on deck of ferry - shot of small ferry departing - shots from ferry departing from pier - shots of group of Lifeboys outside Kinloch House boarding house - high shots of Rothesay Bay and steamer approaching (27.47) shots of Lifeboys' sports in field, including running races, three-legged race, wheelbarrow race, shots of helpers relaxing on deck chairs (28.33) shots of Lifeboys and helpers on deck of ferry and at boarding house (28.58) shots of Lifeboy group on street, on pier with steamer approaching, disembarking from steamer - shots of Lifeboys group and helpers outside large building - shots of Lifeboys playing football and running races at Kames Bay, Millport (30.35)