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  • Glasgow


  • Leisure and recreation
  • Religion


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 8692

Date: 1969*

Director: filmed by Don McLachlan, J.M. Cowan

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.13 mins

Description: The 227th Glasgow Brownie Pack hold a fete to raise funds for the refurbishment of the local church garden. [mute]

One of three films made about the 227th Brownie pack from Pollokshields, Glasgow. See also refs.{ 8692} and 8693.

There are credits for a commentator on film - so there probably would have been an accompanying tape (?})

Don McLachlan was a keen amateur cameraman who began filming in 1935, firstly on 16mm reversal, then later on video. An engineer, keen sailor and family man, he recorded many aspects of his life, but rarely his working life. He died in December 2003.

Credits: sc. C.D. McLachlan
comm. s. Betty Edmiston

Shotlist: [Please note this film is mute]

A 227 PACK PRODUCTION - shots of Brownies performing ceremony in house garden - c/u shot of 'Brownie Guide Song' sheet music - gvs of Brownies, Guides and leader in circle around toadstool - Brownie promise - leader takes attendance as all sit on stools - young Brownie comes forward to take promise - c/u of text of promise - then shakes hands with others (2.20) all get up and remove stools - c/u text and pictures of 'Brownie Guide Law' (2.32) title - shots of Brownies laying out symbols and trophies on lawn, 'Elves', 'Kelpies', 'Gnomes', 'Pixies', 227 insignia - shots of Brownie drawing weather chart, another laying out prizes for card competition (4.33) leader demonstrates tying a parcel, then Brownies practise tying knots - group of Brownies prepare flags for a treasure hunt, another shows a shell display - leader helps another group with knitting (7.38) Brownie hangs up sign 'This Way to the Fete' on wall of house - int shots of fete in hall - bottle stall, home baking, books, card game stall - ext shots of cubs and pack leader throwing sponges at 'Aunt Sally' - panning shot around empty garden (9.30) group of Brownies and guides come into garden with gardening implements - one girl picks up a worm, other start digging holes in the ground - groups tie string to poles to mark edges for digging, plant and water small plants in flower bed - others construct a rockery - panning shots around finished garden and flower-beds - THE END - A 227 Glasgow Brownie Pack Film - ecs (12.49)