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Title: BEN BARVAS, the

Reference number: 8383

Date: 1964c

Director: d. William J. Guild

Sponsor: Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI)

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Fiction

Running time: 20.38 mins

Description: A dramatised documentary about the wreck of the fishing boat 'Ben Barvas' on the Pentland Skerries and the rescue operation carried out by the crew of the Longhope lifeboat.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker.]

Credits: p. William J. Guild
sd. David S. Erskine

Shotlist: [shot-listed from .AVI file using Quicktime]

(0.00) blank (0.04) THE ROYAL NATIONAL LIFEBOAT INSTITUTION Presents - title - Late in the day - on 3rd January 1964 - the Aberdeen Trawler 'Ben Barvas' was wrecked on the Pentland Skerries. In heavy seas and high winds her crew were rescued by the Longhope Life-boat. - gvs of lifeboat at harbour, crew members helping rescued men off lifeboat - gvs of fishing boat leaving harbour and heading out to sea - map showing route of fishing boat 'Ben Barvas' - gvs of boat at sea and Pentland Firth - gvs of ferry, coastline and lighthouse (2.35) c/u map showing Pentland Skerries - aerial gvs of Pentland Skerries - gvs stormy seas and waves - c/u map showing location of Longhope on Hoy - gvs of Longhope and harbour, causeway to Brims - gv lifeboat station and slipway and route to sea - gvs lifeboat and other vessels at sea (4.00) nautical chart showing Atlantic Ocean - int shots of controller at radio station and gvs Pentland Firth - gvs of and on board fishing boat A256 'Ben Loyal' - map of Pentland Firth showing route of Ben Barvas - c/u map and plan of Pentland Skerries - gvs Ben Loyal at sea - c/u maps of route past Little Skerry and gvs of boat at sea - shots of rough seas and boat to simulate wreck on rocks (7.05) int shots of Kirkwall Coastguard office and map of Little Skerry - shots of coastguard mapping location of wreck - shots of maroons being fired at Longhope Lifeboat Station, crew members running from houses and driving to boathouse - int shots in boathouse of crew members preparing - shots of lifeboat being launched down slipway and sailing off - gvs of crew on board, coxswain on radio - shots of sea - shots of lifeboat controls and view from deck in rough sea - gvs of coxswain at wheel and rough seas - gvs of crew on board and rough seas, waves crashing on rocks, gvs of crew at controls - shots of rough seas and clouds - shots of crew dropping anchor over side and attaching nylon rope (11.46) shots of models of lifeboat and Ben Barvas to demonstrate positions, with simulation of rope being fired and attached to trawler - shots of lifeboat crew firing line and at controls, attaching second nylon line - shot of model - shots of second line being fired - shots of crew working on lines and attaching surf buoy to pulley line - shot of model showing simulation of man being rescued from Ben Barvas - reconstruction of men being pulled through water on surf buoy towards lifeboat and being pulled on board (15.14) shot of women in house listening to radio - more reconstructions of men being pulled through water on surf buoy, gvs of waves and sea - shot of young man in house listening to radio - shots of crew members hauling in lines, working on deck - shots of rescued men in cabin - gvs of lifeboat on rough seas and returning past lighthouse (19.21) c/u newspaper cutting about rescue - Made with the co-operation of ... the crew and officials of the Longhope Lifeboat Station ... RM Irvine and Son Ltd. (Aberdeen) - owners of the 'Ben Barvas'. HM Coastguard. The Meterological Office ... Stonehaven Coast Radio Station ... British European Airways. The End. (19.52) blank (20.04)