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Reference number: 8366

Date: 1966*

Director: d. Christopher Mylne

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 30.10 mins

Description: A documentary about the wildlife of the islands of the St. Kilda archipelago, including footage of seabirds, Soay sheep and field mice.

Credits: film ed. Christopher Mylne
p. Christopher Mylne
comm. sp. Christopher Mylne
dubbing mixer Bronek Korda

The Producers are grateful to the National Trust for Scotland and the School of Scottish Studies, Edinburgh University for the use of the photographs of the old life on St. Kilda; and to the Trust working parties, the Army and the Nature Conservancy for help and facilities on the island

Shotlist: [shot-listed from AVI file using Quicktime]

(0.00) blank (0.02) title & credits - zoom in to map showing location of St. Kilda - c/u map of St. Kilda archipelago - gvs of seabirds in flight around islands, including c/u of gannet in flight - gvs of gannets nesting on Boreray - gvs of young gannets in flight - c/u shots of gannet laying egg - gvs of gannets around Stac Lee and stormy seas around stacs (3.27) shots of fulmars in flight - gvs fulmars around cliffs of Hirta - shots of man throwing stone over cliff and timing its descent to water - gvs fulmars in flight and nesting on cliffs (5.20) high shot of settlements on Hirta, shot of 'The Street' - sequence of b/w still images of villagers on St. Kilda in early 20th century, including bird fowlers - shot of ruined cottages - c/u shots of starling with worm - c/u shots of snipe amongst irises - c/u shots of Pharaoh snipe being held to show plumage - shot of ruined cottage and shots of wheatear - high shot of settlements (7.32) shots of army camp in 1957, two soldiers taking bucket of swill to tip off pier, surrounded by seabirds - shots of gulls scavenging camp waste - shots of St Kilda Post Office sign, c/u of St. Kilda stamp, 'The Puff Inn' sign - gvs of Village Bay on summer day, soldier paddling - shots of filming trip in Village Bay, gvs of puffins in flight and on water - shot of small motor launch at cliff on Dun, passenger climbing out - gvs of man climbing up slope on Dun, shots of vegetation and seabirds - gvs of shags on rocks of promontory - c/u shots razorbills - gvs cliffs, nesting puffins - gvs seabirds in flight and on water - shots of climbers on Dun, boat returning across bay to pick them up - c/u shots of birds (13.05) gvs of Glen Bay, 'Amazon's house' - c/u shots of nesting gulls and chicks - shots of gull attacking hooded crow in air - c/u shots of pair of oystercatchers, c/u of eggs - shots of oystercatcher chasing gull in air (15.20) c/u shots of eider duck nesting on cliff - c/u shots of Painted Lady butterfly on sea pinks - c/u shots of oystercatcher on nest, mate on ruined cottage - shots of preying raven, oystercatchers chasing it in air - shots of oystercatcher nesting in ruined factor's store (17.14) shots of woman coming out of cleit and showing porridge oats boxes nibbled by mice - c/u shots of Hirta field mice - c/u shots of St. Kilda wren feeding around burn, nesting inside cleit - c/u shots wrens and nest - gvs of Soay sheep and lambs grazing - shots of young rams sparring - shots of sheep on steep cliffs - shots of scientist cutting sample of grass for analysis - gv of sheep (21.58) l/s of Boreray and seabirds in flight - sequence of b/w still images of St. Kilda men setting out by boat - gvs of Stac Lee and nesting gannets - shot of climber on Stac Lee and gannets - gvs of sea cave under promontory - shots of Atlantic grey seals in swell - shots of seabirds nesting on cliffs, including guillemots and kittiwakes (25.18) shot of great skua in flight and nest - shot of cliff - shots of men climbing over rocks at night in search of Leach's petrel - c/u shots and man holding petrel to show plumage - c/u shot man holding Manx shearwater (28.20) gvs of cliff, Soay sheep on slopes - gvs and aerials of islands - aerial shots of sheep on Boreray - int shot in cleit food store, tins of Carnation milk - gvs of ruined cottages and settlement, cliffs, wildlife, Village Bay and view to Boreray - ecs (30.06) blank (30.10)