INDIA 1937

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  • Military
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  • Amateur


  • Colonel Arthur E Irvine and Richard Irvine Collection


  • 1930s

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Title: INDIA 1937

Reference number: 8341

Date: 1937

Director: [filmed by Arthur E.S. Irvine]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 13.59 mins

Description: Amateur footage of the Irvine family in India, including shots of military parades and a voyage along the Suez Canal.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker.]

Shotlist: [shot-listed from. AVI file using Quicktime]

(0.00) blank and Kodak leader (0.10) gvs of Zamzama gun in Lahore, India - shot of couple relaxing in garden, Evelyn, Frances and Arthur Irvine arrive to meet them - panning shots around house and gardens - shots of Frances and Arthur walking around garden looking at plants (2.02) gvs of military parade, women and men in uniform gathering in park - l/s of podium with officials and magistrates - gvs of ranks of Indian soldiers and military band, crowd of onlookers - gvs of crowd, groups of young Indian girls and boys passing - shot of horse-cart and train of camels passing (3.33) shots of Frances and Arthur examining car engine outside house - gvs of Proclamation Parade in park, officers and families gathering - shot of group of Indian people passing, some young boys in Western clothing - gvs of military personnel and seated crowds - man in white hat passes, possibly the Viceroy of India, and greets onlookers - panning shot across ranks on parade ground - gvs of officials and crowd - shots of regiments riding and marching past, including Bengal Lancers?, horses pulling field gun carriages, British and Indian infantry, Vickers Light Tanks? - shot of biplanes flying past - gvs of crowd dispersing, including Frances and Evelyn (6.45) brief street scene - gvs of waterway with sailing boats and other craft - shots of camel pulling cart (7.31) l/shots of large liner, MV 'Worcestershire'?, at anchor on water, hawkers on boats alongside, passengers arriving on small tender - gvs of coastline from deck of Worcestershire - gvs of deck of liner, military personnel on board - shot of biplane passing - shots from ship passing through Suez Canal, camel passing on land, Suez Canal Defence Monument, cars and trucks passing on road - gvs on deck of ship, mostly military personnel - shot of Evelyn and Frances on deck - gvs dhows and other craft passing on canal - Frances on deck talking to man and officer - gvs passing along canal, including Anglo-Iranian Oil Company depot - shots of French cargo ship with lighter alongside - shots of hawkers on boats - shots of children playing on deck, Frances and Evelyn relaxing, Arthur in military uniform relaxing - shots of Frances and others playing deck tennis - gvs at sea, birds following, other vessels passing, passengers on deck, children skipping (13.57) blank (13.59)