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  • Colonel Arthur E Irvine and Richard Irvine Collection


  • 1940s

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Title: RAZMAK 2

Reference number: 8335

Date: 1941*

Director: [filmed by Richard H.S. Irvine]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 14.13 mins

Description: Amateur footage of activities and events in and around Razmak army training camp, a base for the King's Own Scottish Borderers, in Waziristan on the North-West Frontier of India around the start of World War II.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from VHS - manual control track]

brief shots of rain pouring off roof of building - gvs of soldiers in training in countryside around Razmak, walking and running, carrying rifles - shots of soldiers relaxing in countryside, boiling kettle, breaking sticks for fire, stirring mugs of tea (1.32) wide gvs of landscape and mountains, soldiers coming across fields with packs and rifles - brief shots of low buildings and soldiers at rest - more gvs of soldiers travelling across rolling countryside, mountains in distance - gvs of soldiers at rest beside road, pack-horses and some trucks - shots of local men working beside road (3.02) shots of small group of soldiers in warmer clothing at rest in countryside, making fire, chopping wood, peeling potatoes, sitting down to eat - gvs of landscape, hills, valley and scrubland - gvs of valley with soldiers running across - shots of group of soldiers at mortar emplacement on hillside, some lying down on hillside in snow, then coming down hillside and crossing valley - gvs of snow on ground, hillside with building on top - gvs of valley with road, mountains - gvs of valley with settlements and cultivation terraces (8.54) gvs of valley and road, soldiers passing along with packs and rifles, some Indian soldiers - tracking shots from vehicle entering Razmak camp gate - gvs inside Razmak camp - soldiers unpacking truck, local trader?, KOSB officer? - group of soldiers and local helpers posing for camera outside barracks - shot of Richard Irvine coming out of barracks in full uniform - more shots of Richard in combat gear and dress uniform - brief shots of soldiers at shower dressed in towels fooling around for camera - shots of army piper playing along road in camp, other soldiers passing (11.43) gvs of officers chatting next to camp football pitch, soldiers watching from side, some dressed in athletic whites - shots of tug-of-war competition - gvs of football match (14.13)