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  • Berwickshire


  • Architecture and buildings
  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Landscapes and seascapes
  • Politics
  • Royalty


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 8254

Date: 1964 - 1969

Director: [filmed by Rev. John Jackson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 17.29 mins

Description: An amateur compilation of footage, including Boys Brigade camp at Loch Morlich and Aviemore, Coldstream Civic Week and the Riding of the Marches, birdlife on the Farne Islands, Sir Alec Douglas-Home visiting Coldstream, and the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to Edinburgh.

Handwritten notes on original can:- "Coldstream Scene round-up. Re-edit 1982. Old Folks Outing Whitley Bay / Newcastle Airport Jedburgh Otterburn 1968. BB Camp Loch Morlich 1968. Country shots Henderson Park Opening PM 1964. Berwick 1968. Civic Week parades '66 / 67. Edinburgh G/Assembly Visit of Queen 1969 Farne Islands 1969. Provost Hans Langmack Freedom Ceremony 1969. Film shots supplied by Border TV Church centre exhibition 1969. Bowling Club Centenary Match 1969. Civic Week Parade / Fireworks 1969. When projecting use 800' take-up spool. Very full 400' spool. Leader crimped for auto 16mm projector."

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

[COL] CINE ROUNDUP '68 in Colour Aviemore - Bonnie Galloway and Local Topics (0.07) outing, beach scenes, airport (0.45) exts Percy Arms coaches, old folk milling about presumably stopped there for lunch (0.49) ruined abbey / cathedral [unid] (0.57) [COL] wishing well, fish, parrots maybe a zoo? (1.07) Edinburgh cityscape (1.19) gvs Loch Morlich campsite, loads of tents canoeing sailing (2.00) overlooking Inverness (?) (2.13) boys playing tarpaulin game (2.20) car park, ski-lifts at Aviemore (?) in summery weather conditions (2.42) c/u sign "The Aviemore Centre" exts same including exts swimming pool. accommodation (3.02) surrounding landscape, as seen from car (3.24) gvs boys playing in park, ducks asleep in sun [unid. park] (3.45) gvs camping by lochside (3.58) Every Boy should join the BB! (4.05) [Kodak Safety Film leader] (4.07) [BW] three bridges at Berwick (4.23) docks at Berwick, loading onto boat, various shots of boats habour (4.56) looking down Berwick main street to town hall (5.03) slow panning shot over Berwick (5.16) c/u sign "Burgh of Coldstream" gvs Riding of the Marches, Coldstream and riders and horses making their way over Coldstream Bridge (5.32) tracking shot from moving car through various country roads, including through Cornhill, view over rural landscape (5.42) band playing, crowds. shots of the horses etc arriving in field, the standard bearer with the flag at the front. Speeches (6.12) marching band through country street followed by decorated floats [presumably Coldstream Civic Week?] (6.54) [COL] pan across rural landscape, including c/u hedgehog (7.17) men at roadside with tractor and truck (7.21) pan landscape (7.31) inside barn with grain silo (7.40) Prime Minister visits Coldstream to unveil plaque (7.41) Sir Alec Douglas-Home in garden, unveiling etc 8.26) c/u plaque 'Burgh of Coldstream to commemorate the visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh on 5th July 1962. RG Linklater Provost." (8.28) Films produced and exhibited by JJ (8.30) [BW] Edinburgh Castle as seen from below (8.33) view down over Princes Street towards New Town as seen from high up on Royal Mile near Castle (9.10) slow panning shot Edinburgh cityscape (9.10) exts St. Giles Cathedral crowds of people (9.13) ints General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, gvs ministers (9.29) Princes Street exts North British at Waverley station (9.38) courtyard, Holyrood Palace etxs same. crowds await (9.52) Royal entourage exit Waverley station by car , and street scenes, exts S. Giles (?) (10.23) elderly people coming out of the Ettrick Hotel (10.37) tracking shots Edinburgh, including brief shot Castle, people queuing at bus stop, streets and shops on Royal Mile, Holyrood or maybe Castle forecourt with big cannons (10.51) c/u birds feeding on grass (11.10) CALL OF THE FARNES (11.13) [COL] gvs beach scenes on a sunny day (11.23) c/u poster "Trips to Farne Islands Sailings Twice Daily" (11.25) shot of harbour. Men in yellow oilskins gut fresh fish from boxes (11.37) gvs from moving boat as it leaves harbour and goes off on a trip to Farne Islands. gvs birdlife (12.50) people disembark boats, walk around islands note there are quite a few boats gvs birds and scrubland (13.51) exts lighthouse (13.54) boats, coming back to harbour (14.03) gvs bowling green, Sir Alec-Douglas Home is there [some sort of inaugural ceremony?] game in progress (possibly Henderson Park) (14.40) [BW] lady offers a drink to the man on horse. horses riding through streets [poss. riding of marches?]( 15.04) ints museum display, silver helmet other artefacts. men wear big black furry helmets and stand guard (15.35) man wearing ermine marches down street with soldiers (15.43) ints same man, he makes speech on podium and presents book to another man (16.01) leaving the hall (16.09) [COL] people parade with flamed torches. gvs fireworks [dark, night shots] (16.52) The End. Hope You Enjoyed It! (16.57)