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Reference number: 8007

Date: 2005

Director: d. Travis Reeves

Sponsor: Scottish Screen Lottery Funded

Producer: Wendy Griffin

Production company: Sprocketeers

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 91.47 mins

Description: From his first injection of testosterone to the point when his maleness is undeniable, Funny Kinda Guy follows Simon for eighteen months. Engaging and articulate, Simon shares his experiences with humour and honesty.
Director Travis Reeves' friendship with Simon gives him unique access to his transition, enabling him to capture very personal moments in this extraordinary journey with intimacy and understanding.

Set against the subtle, yet ultimately radical transformation of hormone treatment, are key events in Simon's extraordinary journey. We meet his down-to-earth Australian partner Rowena, and his remarkable parents Cedric and Catriona, who hoped that by their involvement in the film they might help the parents of other trans people. [information from website, last accessed 4/4/2011]

See also [last accessed 11/08/2020]

Winner of the Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary at the 2005 Melbourne Queer Film Festival.

Please note a shorter version at just over 83 mins is also preserved at National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive. Please contact the Archive for detai

Credits: Simon and Rowena were married on the 14th of June 2003, Isle of Iona, Scotland

filmed Travis Reeves
ed. Bert Eeles
m. Simon de Voil, Michelle le Masurier and Icarus
post p. sd. John L Cobban
add. filming Helen Reeves; Bert Eeles
Icarus archive footage Helen Wickham
add. sd. Karen Muirhead
wedding photographs Donald de Voil
online ed. Clive Pearson; [Ian Ballantyne]
ass. dubbing mixer Craig Aitchison
35mm transfer Colour Film Services

Thanks to Helen Reeves, Ken and Christabel Carvoith, The Danny Kyle Open Stage at Celtic Connections, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Marion Martens, Rose Garden Medical Centre Edinburgh, Brian McCormick at Hammerhead, Core Studios Glasgow, The Rosely Hotel Arbroath, Mark Freegard, 3Kyoti Studio Glasgow
and to the participants Simon de Voil, Rowena Aberdeen, Cedric de Voil, Catriona de Voil, Michelle le Masurier, Lori Sullivan, Bruce Haswell, Sister Alison Turnbull, Alan Walsh, Ginny de Voil, Alasdair de Voil, Donald de Voil, Cara Robechek, The Rev. Ian Bonner-Evans, Lynn Aberdeen, Diane Griffin Aberdeen, Aaron Gray, Lisa Foran, Joshua Smith, Hunter Birbeck, Al Healy, Jamie Frazier, Reid Jones

"Prelude No. 1 in C Major" by JS Bach
"Time Tide, "Blue Ocean" by Simon de Voil performed by Simon de Voil an Lori Sullivan
"Sad Song" "Funny Kinda Guy" "One More Time" "Peter Pan" "Where's the Peace" written and performed by Simon de Voil
"Sundown" "You Walked through Me" "Waiting" "Wiser" "Riverside" "Didn't Mean To" "Reasoned Living" "Time Tide" by Simon de Voil and Michelle le Masurier

performed by Icarus:
guitar and vocals Simon de Voil
vocals and flute Michelle le Masurier
percussion Lori Sullivan
bass Aaron Bell
violin Alex Gilmour
keyboards Tracy Lucas
cello Bruce Haswell

"It Had to be You" by Isham Jones and Gus Kahn published by EMI Music Ltd. audio post production @ The Base edited on Lightworks

Made with the support of the National Lottery. Scottish Screen Lottery Funded

© Sprocketeers 2004