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Reference number: 7937

Date: 2006

Director: d. Andrea Arnold

Sponsor: UK Film Council, Scottish Screen, Glasgow Film Office and BBC Films present in association with Zoma Films and Verve Pictures

Producer: Carrie Comerford

Production company: Sigma (Glasgow) / Zentropa (Denmark) Production

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Certificate: 18

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 113.00 mins

Description: Jackie (Kate Dickie) works as a CCTV operator. Each day she watches over a small part of the world, protecting the people living their lives under her gaze. One day a man appears on her monitor, a man she thought she would never see again, a man she never wanted to see again. Now she has no choice, she is compelled to confront him. Synopsis from [accessed 12/2/2010]

RED ROAD is part of a unique, three-film concept called Advance Party produced by Sigma Films in Glasgow and Zentropa in Denmark. The idea behind Advance Party is that the same group of characters would be given to three different directors who would each have to develop a film around those characters. All the films would shoot for the same length of time in the same city, Glasgow.

BAFTA Awards: Winner of The Carl Foreman Award for special achievement by a British director/producer or writer in their first feature film

Winner of two BIFAS:
- BEST ACTOR (Tony Curran)
- BEST ACTRESS (Kate Dickie)

Winner of five 5 Scottish Baftas:

Credits: UK Film Council, Scottish Screen, Glasgow Film Office and BBC Films present in association with Zoma Films and Verve Pictures A Sigma / Zentropa Production

w. and d. Andrea Arnold
p. Carrie Comerford
exec. p. Gillian Berrie, Sissie Graum Joergensen, Paul Trijbits, Claire Chapman, Lenny Crooks, David M Thompson
Based on characters developed by Lone Scherfig and Anders Thomas Jensen
d. ph. Robbie Ryan
ed. Nicholas Chaudeurge
casting d. Kahleen Crawford
p. designer Helen Scott
costume designer Carole K Millar
make-up designer Sarah Fidelo
sd. rec. Martin Belshaw

Jackie Kate Dickie
Clyde Tony Curran
Stevie Martin Compston
April Natalie Press
Avery Paul Higgins
Alfred Andy Armour
Cleaner Carolyn Calder
Man with Dog John Comerford
Bronwyn Jessica Angus
Angus Martin McCardie
Frank Martin O'Neill
Jo Cora Bissett
Broomfield Barman Charles Brown, John McDonald
Aunt Kath Annie Bain
Woman in Denim Skirt Frances Kelly
Stevie's Dad William Cassidy
Police Woman Sarah Haworth
Kind Lady on Bus Elizabeth Allan
Brenda Anne Kidd
Tom Tom Smith
Rob Allan Sawers
Woman who flirts with Clyde Frances McEwan
Purple Coat with Cat Anne McColgan
Top Man Jacket Graeme Wright
Blonde Cleaner Sanije Robeli

Co-Producer Marie Gade
Line Producer Wendy Griffin
Associate Producer Anna Duffield

1st Assistant Director Kathleen Wishart
Additional 1st Assistant Director Jo Gibson
2nd Assistant Director Ray Kenny
3rd Assistant Director Andrew Gardiner

Production Accountant Neil Cairns
Assistant Production Accountant Paul Zieleniec

Production Co-ordinator Margaret McDonald
Production Secretary Kathleen MacLeod
Production Trainee Claire Stewart

Location Manager Naomi Liston
Location Assistant Jennifer Brooks
Location Daily Neil Murray

Floor Runner Robin Haig
Additional Floor Runner Neil Murray
Script Supervisor Iain Andrew

Focus Puller Jaime Feliu-Torres
Camera Assistant Chris Shaw
Camera Trainee Naresh Kaushal

Gaffer Scott Napier
Electrician Calum Milne
Electrician Dailies Lee Lighting

Boom Operator Colin Gregory

Wardrobe Supervisor Danni Millar
Makeup Artist Niamh Morrison

Props Master Douglas Ferguson
Prop Buyers Janice MacRae, Sue Porter
Standby Props Angus Gentleman

Construction Charles Wright
Art Department Assistant Shona Paton
Art Department Runner Ian Gower

Stunt Co-ordinator Clive Curtis
Stunt Performer Ian Kay
Stunt Double for Avery Levan Doran
Fight Co-ordinators David Goodall, Rod Young
Harness Advisor Tack Baldwin
Animal Handler Dave Stewart
Mini Bus Driver Euan Milne
Additional Mini Bus Driver Ian Gower

Assistant Editor (Scotland) Anna Mehta
Editing Trainee (Scotland) Tom Thomson
Assistant Editors (London) Michael Nollet, Steve Mercer

Post Production Supervisors Emma Zee, J & E Post Production, Emma Murphy
Post Production Co-ordinator Brian Coffey
Post Production Paperwork Alexandra Montgomery, J & E Post Production

Sound Post Production Savalas
Sound Designer Douglas MacDougall
Dialogue Editor Kahl Henderson
ADR Supervisor Ian Morgan
ADR Recordist Michael MacKinnon
Foley Recordist Phill Barratt
Foley Artists Nicolas Becker, Paul Hanks
Foley Editor Lorraine Keiller
Effects Editor Iain Anderson
Sound Assistant Ian Palmer
Additional Musical Sounds Nicolas Becker

Re-Recording Mixers Kahl Henderson, Chris Sinclair

Mix Studio Mainstream ApS
Preview Sound Mixer Lauren Walker
Technical Liaison Lars Dela

Representing Ascent Media Group Martin Poultney
Digital Intermediate One Post (London)
Digital Colorist Rob Pizzey
Digital On-line Editor Rob Gordon
Assistant Digital On-Line Editor Emily Greenwood
Digital Intermediate Producers Patrick Malone, Matt Adams
Digital Film Technical Director Laurent Treherne
Digital Film Technical Manager John Hinchliffe
Laboratory Services Soho Images
Laboratory Contact Tone Davis

VFX Rushes Post Production
VFX Supervisor Jonathan Privett
VFX Producer Louise Hussey
Compositors Lee Tibbetts, Mark Pascoe, Alex Llweellyn

Stills Photographer Holly Horner
Publicity Notes Wendy Kidd
Catering and Facilities GT Caterers & Facilities UK
Vehicles Arnold Clark
Equipment Facilities Teknik Facilities Ltd
Edit Suites The Film Editors

Insurance Media Insurance Brokers
Neg Check Bellwood Media
Music Supervisor Roz Colls at Music Matters
Legal Services Jeremy Gawade, James Armitage, and Natasha Pilbrow at Lee & Thompson
Zentropa Legals Anders Kjaerhauge, Zentropa Administration ApS
Completion Guarantor Film Finances Inc.
Sale & Leaseback Financing Invicta Capital Ltd

UK Film Council
Senior Production Executive Emma Clarke
Business Affairs Natalie Bass
Head of Production Fiona Morham

Scottish Screen
Development Carole Sheridan
Business Affairs Anita Cox
Legals Mary Brehony

Glasgow Film Office
Head of Production Jenny Williams
Production Executive Jennifer Reynolds

Developed by
Glasgow Film Office, Scottish Screen, Sundance Institute, UK Film Council

“Cha Cha Slide” (M.Thompson)
Performed by DJ Casper
Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd.
© 1999 Master recording used by kind permission of Imperial Records

“The Vanishing American Family” - Scuba Z
(Cook, Hall) Copyright Control
(p) 1970 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by Odd Records Ltd.
Under exclusive license to Sanctuary Records Group Ltd.
ISRC: GBAJE0602473

“Election Day”
Written and performed by Zuba
(p)© Zuba 2006 (Bassa002)
ISRC - GB - JFK - 05 - 02001

“Daydream Believer”
Performed by The Monkees
Written By John Stewart
Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd
Licensed courtesy of Rhino UK

Performed by Lady Sovereign
Written by Louise Harman and Ceri Evans
Published by Big Life Music Limited
(p) Casual Records Limited used by kind permission.

“Morning Glory”
Performed by Oasis
Words and Music by Noel Gallagher
Oasis Music/Sony/ATV Music Publishing Ltd
(p) 1995 Big Brother Recordings Ltd

“Love Will Tear Us Apart”
Produced & performed by Honeyroot.
Written and composed by Curtis/Hook/Morris/Sumner
Published by Fractured Music/Zomba Music Publishers Ltd
Taken from the album “Sound Echo Location”
(p) 2005 Just Music used by kind permission.

With Thanks to
A-Z used with permission of Geographers A-Z Co Ltd and with kind permission of Ordnance Survey, Beth Allan, Arnold Clark, Haydn Arnold, Guillermo Arriaga, Audiolink, Axis Films, Kara Baker, Matthew Bates, Jeff Betancourt, Teresa Campbell, Francoise Certin, Valentine Chaudeurge, City Apartments, Katie Clare, Chris Collins, Chris Curling, Karen Fielding, Naomi Foner, Peter Galletly, Peter Garde, Todd Graff, Matthew Greenfield, Groucho St Judes, Matt Hale, Hammerhead Television, Steve Inch, JAe, Peter Aalbaek Jensen, Jo Dunton Cameras, Donald Francis Michael John, Kees Kassander, Myron Kerstein, Alex Knights, Coral Knights, Lee Lighting, Lucy Lee, Craig Lucas, Dan Macrae, Clive and Anne Maitland, Ilyse McKimmie, Morag Mckinnon, Mike Mohan, Patrick Morrison, Walter Mosley, Louise Muller,, Pia Nielsen, Mikkel Norgaard, Sarah Perry, Angus Pigott, Alastair Reid, Howard Rodman, Michelle Satter, Serious Facilities, Eyal Shapyr, Jenny Shaw, Susan Shilliday, Wendy de Silva, The Springburn Follies, Karen Syratt, Sandhya Suri, Tele Atlas NV, Sarah Wells, Alesia Weston, Zuba, Everyone at The Broomfield Tavern, The People of Red Road and Saracen Street.

Made with the support of the UK Film Council`s New Cinema and Development Funds

Made with the support of the National Lottery through Scottish Screen

Filmed entirely on location in and around Glasgow with the kind support of Glasgow Film Office

Developed with the Assistance of the Sundance Institute

Co-producer Zentropa Entertainments

In co-operation with Zoma Films Ltd

Sigma Films

No animals were harmed during the making of this motion picture.

The persons and events portrayed in this production are fictitious. No similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is intended or should be inferred.

This motion picture is protected under the laws of th

Shotlist: Reel 1
(17.36) 1650ft

Reel 2
(19.35) 1836ft

Reel 3
(18.34) 1742ft

Reel 4
(17.44) 1663ft

Reel 5
(14.45) 1384ft

Reel 6
(21.04) 1975ft