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Reference number: 7909

Date: 1993

Director: d. Avie Luthra

Sponsor: The Scottish Film Council, Scottish Television, The Post Office

Producer: Gill Parry

Production company: A Raging Cow Production of a Roister Doister Film

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 9.00 mins

Description: A spoof study of a Scottish Asian entrepreneur who runs a marriage bureau using video instructions. The film examines the problems of traditonal Asian values set in a British context.
[synopsis from BFI database at, last accessed 3/2/2010]

Originally shot on 16mm film. See also ref. 8543 for raw interview footage with the director.

First Reels - a joint short film initiative from Scottish Screen (and its predecessor body the Scottish Film Council) and Scottish Television. First Reels was launched during 1991 by Scottish Film Council in response to a perceived need for small grants to help young and first time film-makers to make or complete their first film or video project. Scottish Television came in as co-sponsor at an early stage and as well as contributing to half the funds they have given the scheme a tremendous public relations boost by running three half hour documentaries showing excerpts from the First Reels. Applicants were invited to submit projects in any format and on any subject they chose. All entries were considered by a jury and thirty five projects were given grants varying from £50 to £2000. On show at the GFT are a representative selection of the best of the films and videos supported by the scheme. [Editorial from Scottish Film Council held in paper archives]

Credits: Riz Subash Singh Pall
Usha Saadia Ahmad
Dillip Avie Luthra
Shimon Archie Lal
Raj Jaydeep Sarma
Sonita Imara John Pulle
The Son Shiv Paul
The Father Mr. Amrik Athwall
The Mother Mrs. Ajiet Kur Athwall
Make-up Woman Nasreen Irshad
The Film Crew Fauzia Ahmad, Faisal Azia, Niraj Malhotra, Rizia Robertson

creative consultant Markku Koivusalo
ass. d. Angela Murray
continuity Steven Chester
focus puller Mark Raeburn
lighting electrician John Kelly
boom operator Faisal Aziz
make-up Rizia Robertson
p. ass. Raha Lavasaney
art dept. ass. Grum Robertson
stills ph. Mo Crawley
catering Mandy Wren
dubbing mixer Brian Patterson
m. consultant Faz Hamid
rostrum camera Mike Campbell
neg cutting Jimmy Heffernan
titles Paperdart

associate p. Catherine Aitken
sd. Simon Chirgwin
designer Simon Yuill
ed. David Gibson
lighting camera John Brown
m. Bruce Wilson
w. and d. Avie Luthra

With thanks to Aman Oriental Foods Ltd., Edinburgh; Flip of Holloywood; The India Shop; In Video; Skyline Film & Television Productions; Bombay Video; Radio Kranti; Alien Arts Theatre Company; Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh; Edinburgh Film Workshop Trust; Glasgow Film Workshop; GHS; Bucks Motion Picture Laboratories and Michael Samuelson Lighting; Eric Smith; Shelagh Atkinson; Karen Rookwood; Iain B. MacDonald; Su Bainbridge; John Orr; Tariq Hussein, Dan MacRae [... et al ...]

Produced in association with The Scottish Film Council, Scottish Television, The Post Office. A Raging Cow Production of a Roister Doister Film.

© Raging Cow Films 1993