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Title: LEILA

Reference number: 7847

Date: 2002

Director: d. Ian Dodds

Sponsor: Film Council, Scottish Screen National Lottery

Producer: Skye Reynolds

Production company: GMAC, Cineworks

Sound: sound

Original format: Digital Betacam

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 16.42 mins

Description: Leila, a ten-year-old Iranian girl seeking asylum travels to Britain in the back of a lorry with her mother, grandmother and baby brother. How will Leila and her family survive in this new world? [synopsis from BBC Film Network at http://www.bbc.co.uk/dna/filmnetwork/A3887256, last accessed 14/1/2009]

Cineworks: Commissions five short films a year by new filmmakers in the genres of drama, documentary and animation. Funded by Scottish Screen National Lottery Fund, UK Film Council and BBC Scotland. Includes a training programme.

Credits: Film Council and Cineworks presents in association with Scottish Screen National Lottery Fund

Leila Sara Ansari
Sara Sahar Fadee
Yasaman Mojdeh Ziai
Maryam Narges Fadee
Steph Stephanie Houston
Niki Nicola Rintoul
Ehteram Ghamgosar
Toddler Tiam Ghamgosar
Welfare Assistant Sarah E Wilson
Teacher Jane Howie
Boy # 1 Euan Jenkins
Boy # 2 Dylan Rutherford
Customs Officer Peter Vilk

1st ass. d. Tom Kelly
sd. rec. Angus McPake
boom operator Simon Tomlinson, Ollie Kenney
p. man. Catherine Reynolds
p. ass / make-up artist Jenny Jones
p. designer Sarah Bremmer
sd. dub John Cobban
art department assistant Emma Pacilli, Ruth Barrie, Victoria Greening
costume Amalie Harper Gow
sc. supervisor Keith Dando
runner Dave Hancock
catering Ali Robinson
stills ph. Dylan Matthew
online ed. James Gellately
m. composers Marcelo de Oliveira, Mike Zolker
musician Bahman Kamali Nejad
music 'Fire In My Heart' by Ghazal (Shanachie) 'Ghanzal Instrumental played by M.J. Beglou (from Unesco Collection D8025), courtesy of Naive.

Thanks to Neil Robinson, Farzaneh Ghamgosar, Rose Johnson, Sally Charlton, Amy Hardie, Stuart Skirving, Conrad Ivitsky, Frances Previdi [... et al ...]

ed. Bert Eeles
cinematography Enrico Harvey
w. Roxanna Pope
exec. p. Cordelia Stephens, David Smith

Made with the support of the Lottery through the Film Council New Cinema Fund and Scottish Screen. Film Council Lottery Funded, Scottish Scree National Lottery Fund. BBC Scotland. GMAC. Edinburgh Mediabase.