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  • Fife


  • Local government
  • Royalty


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 7783

Date: 1958, June 30

Director: filmed by Mr Alex Paxton Dec'd

Sponsor: Lochgelly Town Council

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 48.29 mins

Description: Amateur footage of an official visit by the Queen and Prince Philip to Lochgelly in Fife, where they are introduced to local dignitaries and sign the town visitors' book.

Background information and personal account given by donor, also extract from Lochgelly Town Council minutes supplied by Fife Council archivist - these can be consulted in the paper archives of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from .avi file using QuickTime]

[Part 1]
title on official event programme - ext shot of Town Clerk's office window - shot of Town Clerk George Johnson at desk opening letters - c/u shot of letter announcing royal visit to the burgh - high shots of pavement outside Post Office in Lochgelly, with Burgh Surveyor Tommy Dickson and the Clerk of Works pacing out the area and checking kerb heights (3.32) int shots in Burgh Surveyor's office, officials in discussion over town plan - more shots on pavement of Town Clerk and Provost, joined by Police Inspectors, watched by Old Pete Tosh, the town vagrant - cars pull up at kerb and other officials get out and shake hands (8.04) shots of town police force posing for camera - shots of workmen building wooden platform structure in front of Post Office as Burgh Surveyor watches (11.06) c/u shot of Lochgelly Times newspaper article 'The Queen's Visit' - shot of Lochgelly Co-op across the road with bunting and decorations - shots of woman in garden taking curtains down from washing line, man polishing vintage car - shot of platform nearing completion - shot of painters varnishing sign above Mathieson's pub - shots of workmen unloading materials from tractor trailer, drapes being hung around platform (13.59) shot of 'Welcome to Lochgelly' banner across street - shots of platform being decorated in red, white and blue, shrubs and bushes delivered, chairs being placed alongside platform as schoolchildren watch - shots of officials chatting in front of platform -shots of carpet being laid across platform - shots of more chairs being delivered and other preparations, police inspector chatting, two older ladies sitting down to watch, worker brushing red carpet on platform stairs - shot of police inspector removing fluff from woman PC's uniform (19.45) gvs of seating area with crowds starting to gather - shots of council officials showing participants to their seats, press photographers arriving, council officials observing, Pete Tosh walks past smiling - more participants are shown to their seats - workers watch from the roof of the Post Office and the first floor of the Co-op - more shots of crowds waiting to be seated and guests arriving - Provost arrives and chats to Town Clerk and others - gvs of crowd (28.23) leader (28.30)

[Part 2]
shots of guests taking seats on platform - Town Clerk prepares town visitors' book - gvs of waiting crowds - shot of Provost and his wife chatting with police inspectors and checking watches (3.48) c/u shot of map of Fife with pen showing royal party's route - shot of Welcome to Lochgelly banner - shot of Provost and his wife waiting as royal cars arrive - the Queen and Prince Philip get out of car and shake hands with the Provost and his wife - gvs of the platform as guests walk past and are introduced to the Queen and Prince Philip - shots of the Queen and Prince Philip signing the visitors' book and photographs of themselves - the Queen and Prince Philip wave to the crowds, get back into the royal car and leave (7.43) gvs of guests on platform chatting - brief shot of young man filming event from top of wall - gvs of guests chatting and dispersing (9.40) shots from second camera covering the event: shots of guests arriving on platform - shots of Post Office workers watching from roof - Town Clerk prepares visitors' book on table - gvs of crowds outside Co-op - shots of police motorcycles arriving along street, followed by royal party - Queen and Prince Philip get out of royal car and shake hands with The Provost and his wife - gvs of the platform as guests walk past and are introduced to the Queen and Prince Philip - shots of platform guests chatting and dispersing - gvs of crowds dispersing after the event, queue of traffic waiting to pass - shot of 'Haste Ye Back' banner over street - shots of Provost and guests walking along street in groups and arriving at venue for meal (16.25) group shots of Council catering staff posing for camera - Town Clerk and his family arrive at the venue - shots from above of workers dismantling the platform outside the Post Office - c/u panning shot along members of local police force - shot of Town hall and Town Clerk's window - The End (19.00) leader (19.59)