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  • Lanarkshire


  • Amateur
  • Documentary


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 7764

Date: 1981

Director: filmed by Mr Coleman Dec'd or Lanark Cine Club

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 34.42 mins

Description: An amateur documentary about the arrival of Vietnamese refugee families at Kersewell College in Lanarkshire, before their eventual resettlement in different parts of Scotland - includes interviews with refugees about their experiences in escaping from Vietnam and adapting to a new life in Scotland.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS - manual control track]

ICEM - CIME logo - title - shots of Vietnamese children playing in garden and with parents - shots of Vietnamese people in field - shot of map showing location of Vietnam - shots of Vietnamese girl doing needlework - sequence of still photographs and drawings of life in Vietnam and Vietnamese boat people (3.01) gvs of map showing boat people's routes from Vietnam - shot of Vietnamese doctor in garden, then being interviewed by Alison Coleman about reasons for leaving Vietnam, how this was achieved, dangers of sea journey to Malaysia and Indonesia, flight to Britain (8.07) sequence of still images of newspaper cuttings, refugees - ext shots of Kersewell College near Carnwath - gvs of Edinburgh Airport, Alison Coleman watching British Airways aircraft landing and taxiing to terminal - shots of Vietnamese people disembarking and boarding coach - shots from coach leaving airport and passengers on board - shots of coach arriving at Kersewell College and passengers disembarking - int shots of children preparing meal, cutting potatoes and frying fish, chopping lettuce and meat - shots of families eating meal together in dining room - shots of men's dormitories (13.33) shots of families walking in grounds - shots of children's dancing party in college, Vietnamese men playing music, children playing (15.50) shots of Vietnamese children and parents visiting local house and playing cards, getting Christmas presents - shots of English language classes for adults and children at college (18.09) shots of young Vietnamese girl singing songs to camera and group of children singing together (19.16) shots of Vietnamese children and helpers preparing for Chinese New Year celebrations: fixing mural to wall, making tree branches - young boy saying 'Happy New Year' - shots of women preparing meal in kitchen - men and boy show traditional decorations - everyone eating at long table in dining room - shots of Vietnamese men and women singing traditional songs - men giving demonstration of aikido - shots of traditional 'dragon dance' (23.37) shots of Vietnamese men and women practising arts and crafts, including spinning, weaving, woodwork, cutting bottles to make glasses (25.07) shots of families leaving Kersewell College to move into local authority housing, getting into cars and vans, children waving - sequence of still shots of newspaper cuttings about resettlement problems - shots of van arriving at housing estate and families unpacking, furniture being delivered from lorry marked 'Goodwill Incorporated, Glasgow' (27.32) shots of families unpacking inside flats, arranging furniture, bags of bed linen in hallway - man signing forms with aid worker and shot of van leaving (28.40) interview with aid worker Rufus Reid about problems involved in resettling Vietnamese families throughout Britain (32.08) interview with Vietnamese man about his role in Refugee Action, supporting Vietnamese families in Scotland (33.48) interview with Vietnamese doctor - shots of families walking in field - THE END (34.42)