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  • Selkirkshire


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs


  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 7744

Date: 1971

Director: filmed by Mr J. Cruickshank

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 34.09 mins

Description: Footage of the Selkirk Common Riding events of 1971, including shots of the procession round the town, the Casting of the Colours and children's events.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS - manual control track]

c/u shots of typewriter and page with hand signing letter in name of 'J.A. Cruickshank' - shots of group of young men and others attending to Burgh boundary: in field with shovels, cutting turf and placing it - Ford Transit pulling roller flattens turf - shots of men staking out a wooden fence and attaching barbed wire (2.55) gvs of crowds gathered in streets for procession - shots of Provost and officials on balcony - shots of Standard Bearer Peter Scott being carried in chair out of Selkirk Town Hall and along street behind Selkirk Silver Band - gvs of crowds outside Town Hall - shots of groups of people and procession coming from High Street towards Victoria Hall (6.08) shots of cars and crowds in field, horseman rides past with Royal Burgh flag - shots of family having picnic beside car with windbreak, watching horse riders on track below - c/u shots of other onlookers chatting and waving to camera (9.54) gvs of crowds assembling outside Victoria Hall - band equipment on grass beside fountain - Standard Bearer and burgh officers gathering, attendant on horse - Standard Bearer on horse and gvs of watching crowds, various officials and Provost - ex-soldiers forming a line for procession (12.22) walking shot in procession, passing horse riders - shots of riders waiting in street, people watching from window - shots of procession waiting to start, Provost and councillors, other officials - shots of Standard Bearer leading horse riders down hill - shots of procession coming up hill - shots of Silver Band and Pipe Band in Market Place - shots of procession coming down hill with Silver Band and crowds gathering at road side - c/u shots of participants chatting - shots of trade association banners laid out on grass bank in front of houses, Silver Band playing (17.54) shots of crowds at road side waiting for riders passing - shot of group of officials examining riding crop? - shots of Standard Bearer and other riders galloping up hill past crowds - shots of Standard Bearer being presented with riding crop (19.19) shots of procession arriving in Market Place, including trade association banners, Pipe Band, ex-soldiers - gvs of crowds in Market Place, watching procession move down High Street - c/u of Provost and Lady Provost smiling to camera - shots of Standard Bearer casting the colours on platform, followed by Hammermen, Weavers, Colonial Society, Merchant Company, British Legion - shots of Provost, Standard Bearer and attendants on platform for returning of the Royal Burgh flag and three cheers (26.51) gvs of crowds at horse racing meeting on rainy day - shots of boys racing downhill on carties - gvs of races and women's race (28.27) gvs of children's gymkhana and equestrian events on sunny day, children on pony rides - shots of riders practising jumps as man holds pole - shots of men's sprint races - gvs of showground with Standard Bearer and attendant, Highland dancers - shot of young girl dancing on stage - shots of girls dancing hornpipe on stage, boy practising - shots of awards ceremony, trophies being presented - shots of children's procession marching past Mungo Park memorial, including Silver Band, Pipe Band - gvs of crowds at games field, shots of children's races, horse and cart - shots of Pipe Band performing, girls country dancing - brief shot of officials (34.09)