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  • Fife


  • Environment, the
  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Reference number: 7488

Date: 1960 / 1971* / 1976*

Sound: silent

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 21.10 mins

Description: Amateur footage of land reclamation work and coal bing clearance at Loch Ore in Fife, and shots of local people enjoying the facilities at the eventual Lochore Meadows Country Park.

See also ref. 7489

A poem written by the donor regarding the development of Lochore Meadows Country Park entitled A Country Dream is held in additional information: 11/1/531

Shotlist: [no title] - underexposed shots of Loch Ore and surrounding land - shots of landscape with abandoned mine workings, coal bings and flooded pits - gvs of remains of Lochore Castle - gvs of road and landscape around loch - loch filled with industrial detritus - young girl fishing beside loch (1.38) gvs of loch with coal bings around - gvs girl fishing, catches fish and pulls it out of water - c/u fish - underexposed shots of loch and surrounding landscape (3.12) gvs of coal bings - shots of earth movers scraping rubble down sides of bings amidst clouds of dust, and shots of smouldering rubble (5.48) brief l/s of council houses - shots of bulldozer pushing rubble down side of bing - shots of bing sides with earth mover tracks (7.13) shots of earth movers and drivers - shots of old mine building and boys playing - gvs of levelled landscape and earth movers scraping surface (8.31) gvs of earth movers and bulldozers scraping surface surrounded by men with bags searching for coal? (10.37) gvs of canoeists and boats at loch-side - gvs loch with canoes sailing - official ceremony, man making speech and being filmed, park opening ceremony?, trophy awarded - gvs angler on rowing boat in loch (11.31) Royal Navy Sea King helicopter preparing for takeoff - crew member attaches large structure to helicopter winch and it takes off - crowds watch as helicopter hovers over loch - structure is lowered into place on island in loch - gvs of canoeists sailing on loch - shots of man in suit fishing - shots of Pekinese dog on jetty (13.40) gvs of loch, shots of young anglers at loch-side - gvs canoes and sailing boats on loch - gvs canoeists on loch-side - shots of angler on rowing boat displaying catch (15.31) sunny day, children swimming in loch - shots of young couple in rowing boat - c/u shots of ducklings on water at loch-side (17.33) wide shot of loch filled with swimmers on sunny day - shots of visitors sun-bathing and relaxing on banks - shots of children paddling and playing [Lochore Meadows Country Park] (18.52) shots of smouldering coal bing - bulldozer removing rubble on top of bing - shots of surveyors at work - earth moving machinery at work - shots of surrounding landscape from top of bing - shots of bing surface smouldering and bulldozer at work - gvs of earth movers at work and refuelling (21.10)