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Title: LANIMER DAY 1969

Reference number: 7463

Date: 1969, June 12

Director: [filmed by J. Kerr (?)]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 11.13 mins

Description: Lanimer Day celebrations in Lanark, 12th June 1969, including children preparing for the parade and the coronation of the Lanimer Queen.

See also ref 7462 for footage of the Lanimer Day in 1969. Paper archive records relating to the Dalziel Camcorder Club also held at the Scottish Screen Archive.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from mini DV - manual control track]

title - gvs of floats preparing for procession in street on housing scheme, including 'Once Upon a Time' nursery rhymes, 'Nutcracker Land' toy soldiers, fairies and fairy queen, 'Hong Kong Festival' floral lorry with children dressed in Chinese clothes, rickshaw, 'Black Jack' pirate ship and pirates, 'Typecast' with Brownies dressed as a typewriter, 'Ship Ahoy' with girls dressed as sailors, Mediaeval castle, 'Cinderella's Magic Coach', 'Majorettes on Parade', 'Nursery Nightmare', 'Command Performance' with pixies and elves on large float, 'Blue Hawaii', 'Those Magnificent Men', boys with model biplane and Concorde model - gvs of pirate ship (4.14) gvs of band leading parade along street, followed by Lord Cornet and supporters on horseback, town officials and dignitaries, the 'birks', pipe band and majorettes, fairy queen lorry, more children's displays and lorries and bands (9.00) l/shots of Lanimer Queen crowning ceremony in front of St. Nicholas' Church - shots from street level of riders passing along main street, pipe bands and procession, Lanimer Queen in car (10.47) Lanimer Queen, Kirkfieldbank Primary School, Mary Young Anderson - shots of the Lanimer Queen seated, giving out Lanimer Pennies? to participants - The End (11.13)