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  • 1980s

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Reference number: 7377

Date: 1960 / 1985

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.47 mins

Description: A comparison of 1960s and 1980s films shot by members of the Dalziel Cine and Camcorder Club - includes general views of places of interest and civic amenities in Motherwell and Wishaw.

See also refs. 6038 and 7376. Paper archive records relating to the Dalziel Camcorder Club also held at the Scottish Screen Archive.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from mini DV using manual control track]

MOTHERWELL WISHAW 1960 - l/s men and boys playing football in park - Duchess of Hamilton Park gvs, children's meeting, flower-beds (1.07) Clyde Park gvs, people walking in park and playing putting - gvs of park and flowerbeds - l/shots of children playing in swing park (2.17) Children at play. - two boys on tricycle on pavement - older boys playing football and primary children playing in playground, waving to camera, boy playing with yoyo (3.35) Motherwell street scene, Motherwell Bridge Ltd. premises?, shots of lorry delivering large cast iron structure, street scenes, c/u AA roadsign, shop and street signs, Dalziel Free Church steeple (4.23) gvs of Motherwell railway station and car park - street scenes and shops, Muir Street, Taggart's car showroom with Central SMT bus passing, school and lollipop man, Flamingo Cocktail Bar - fire engines reversing into fire station - Skelly's Esso garage - Brandon Street street scenes, shops and traffic, supermarket (5.55) gv Hamilton Road and Coronation Arch - junction of Hamilton Rd. and Airbles Rd., gvs petrol station and bus garage, street scene with church, street scenes with road works and diversion - development advertising board for the Garrion Hotel and building site (7.14) gvs town hall, tilt down frontage - gvs 1960s buildings - street scene with bus passing - c/u chemist's shop window with 'Nurse Harvey's Mixture' and other products on display - c/u shoe shop window (8.20) gvs shops and window displays, Grant's, ironmonger's window, furniture and crockery, greengrocer's, butcher's with sausages and canned goods - packets of Limmits, stacks of soup tins (9.37) gvs of Odeon cinema showing 'The Wackiest Ship in the Army' - gvs Motherwell YMCA - gvs of Rex Cinema (10.57) gvs canal and waterfalls at Old Mill - l/s Clyde Bridge, men and boys fishing on bank of river - gvs river and remains of old bridge (12.51) street scene and window c/u - Mill Road industrial buildings, electricity sub-station, factory buildings, South of Scotland Electricity Board building - workmen digging trench in street in council estate, one using hydraulic hammer (14.26) gvs pylons in countryside, sewage works - shots of milkman selling milk from van in street, grocer's van, horse and cart with fruit and vegetables [black] (15.42) MOTHERWELL WISHAW 1985 - gvs Ravenscraig Works - gvs Dalzell House, buildings and architectural details, school party in grounds - c/u shot notice board of South Dalziel Parish Church, gv church - gvs Civic Centre, Concert Hall, roads and car park - c/u sign 'Brandon Centre' - gvs of shopping centre - gvs shop window displays, including boots, boys' wear, shoe repairs, grocery prices, Adams bakers, street scene, florist's - street scenes with shops, Town Hall (18.40) c/u shots of Focus shop window with music centres, TVs and video recorders - Boot's shop window with c/u products, Crawford's window with c/u products (19.17) gvs terraced suburban houses, back gardens with washing hanging - gvs old town hall, library, school building?, suburban street - gvs Duchess of Hamilton Park, greenhouses, children on swings, flowerbeds (20.34) gvs road junction, painted gable end - street scenes in town centre, gv Motherwell Station, Motherwell Business Centre, BSC Plates Dalzell Works offices, gvs new buildings, TSB bank, street scenes with pubs (21.40) shots of Roman Bridge in Strathclyde Country Park, remains of Roman bath house - gv loch, gvs play-park and fun-fair, giant slide, mini dodgems, shots of toddler in pram (23.00) car driving past admin building? - gvs loch, canoes at slipway, joggers (23.34) underexposed gvs Wishaw Baths, gvs Wishaw Health Centre, gvs Wishaw Library - underexposed shots of plaque, library, street scene with taxi rank (24.54) shop window with Spectrum computers - underexposed shots of Wishaw Sports Centre, exts runners on track, gvs football pitches - int shots of people playing badminton, squash - The End - Of The 1st 25 Years (26.47)